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Apr 3, 2017
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Murtagh Tempest

FACTION: Jedi Order
RANK: Jedi Knight

AGE: 23
HEIGHT: 6'4"
WEIGHT: 181 lbs



Force Sensitive

Voice Claim


Tufty, swept back blonde hair adorn the face of this young travelling Vahla. Born on the remote planet of Rhen Var to a medium sized settlement colony aptly called "New Vahla", Murtagh was raised alongside his brother and sister during the rising of the newest breed of Jedi. Their parents openly taught the trio about the Force and it's mysteries, but also warned them of it's possibly dark implications should you stray too far. Being Vahla, all were naturally force attuned, though due to cross-breeding the strengths differed greatly.

Of the trio, Murtagh seemed to be the most proficient in Force application, whereas his brother was more skilled in understanding the meanings of the Force. Their sister was unfortunately not as gifted as either of them naturally. Over time Murtagh matured, as did his skills in both his mystic arts and in general trades, finding work as a armorer and mechanic in his down time. Unlike some of the neighboring families, the Tempests did not have a strict isolationist policy - and where more than happy when Murtagh and his brother Himura where offered training by a Knight who had happened upon them.

From that day forward the pair where taken to a Jedi Temple on Ajan Kloss. There they where respectively trained in the Jedi Arts, honing their skills and culminating in the creation of a lightsaber. Murtagh's own blade color turned into a light cyan, befitting his proficiencies as a Jedi Padawan. Under the tutelage of a variety of Knights, Murtagh was able to pass his trials and ascend to the rank of Jedi Knight in his own. Following that, he decided to return home temporarily to visit his parents. Though the visit was pleasant, it was cut short upon the discovery that off-worlders had become trapped in a cavern system connected to an underground complex. The complex also contained numerous Vahla and Humans, many of which Murtagh knew personally. In an attempt to get them out, Murtagh lifted the debris with the Force, or enough of it that he could get through. Only to find the Pyke Syndicate to be the off-worlders, having been they who had caused the collapse in the first place, during a tussle with the guards therein. Since the guards had retreated to fortify their position, Murtagh was fighting alone.

The resulting battle caused a laceration across his leg, multiple minor wounds, and the loss of his right eye.


Murtagh is cocky and boisterous. Some might even call him charismatic, in a certain sense, always going on about something or other. He is at ease in conversation with almost anyone, and prefers to be amiable to those he meets. As is typical to him but atypical to Jedi and Vahla alike, he is quick to trust and befriend those he works with. He has a strong sense of preservation, preferring to protect life and avoid taking it if possible, however he will kill if necessary. Always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need, Murtagh is often found to be reliant for hard tasks.

Being of the belief that mind and body are one in the same, Murtagh is physically fit and prefers to remain that way. In his mind, he should not have to rely on the Force, but rather use it to boost his own abilities in it's service. To that end, Murtagh is not very spiritual, but follows the Will of the Force avidly. He is also a rather good artist and musician, playing an antique hand-me-down but well kept hallisket, and singing from an equally and ancient songbook.

Lastly, Murtagh loves electronics and high speeds. Those two interest mix almost eerily well with his boisterousness, lending to an almost adrenaline junky flier. He adores starship, speeders, and anything in-between. His artisanship and creativity was one of the causes his lightsaber took so long to craft. When time allows, Murtagh will commonly serve as a mechanic, and has the aspirations to become the Jedi Order's Lightsaber Architect.

Arms and Armor

Cyan Lightsaber
-Sound Font-
DL-44 Blaster Pistol

Spacer Suit w/
Blast Vest
Flight Suit

Trailfinder's Dillusion - 3Z Light Freighter



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