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Aug 15, 2023
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Astrographical Information

SectorBright Jewel Sector
SystemBright Jewel
  • Quantxi
  • The Twin Moons
Grid SquareL7
Rotation Period20 standard hours
Orbital Period300 standard days

Physical Information

Diameter14,050 kilometers
  • Mountain Chains
  • Some Forests
  • Mesas
  • Plains
  • Islands
Points of Interest
  • Ord Mantell City (capital)
  • Hegal City
    • Hegal Ridge
  • Scraplands
  • Avilatan
  • Worlport City (former capital)
  • Vigaro Ranch
  • Ol' Mantell Destillery
  • Ord Mantellian Blue Grass
  • Evergreen trees

Societal Information

Native SpeciesMantellian Savrip
Immigrated Species
  • Human (And near humans)
  • Twi'lek
  • Rodian
  • Bith
  • Ithorian
  • Aqualish
  • Falleen
  • Gotal
  • Pantoran
  • Snivvian
  • Weequay
Primary Language(s)
  • Galactic Basic Standard
GovernmentOrd Mantell Government (Democracy)
Population4 Billion
Major Settlements
  • Ord Mantell City (capital)
  • Worlport City (former capital)
  • Hegal City
  • Avilatan City
  • Freelonn City
  • Savroia City
Major Imports
  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Spices
  • Food
Major Exports
  • Soldiers
  • Mantellian Bourbon
  • Durasteel
  • Plasteel
  • Phrik


Ord Mantell runs a slightly warmer-than-temperate climate due to the amount of pollution in the atmosphere from the Scraplands. With the last century seeing a large push toward cleaning the air, there are now three main climate zones.

The northern zone, which is what Mantellians hope the rest of the planet will be someday, is much more temperate thanks to the proximity of the pole than the rest of the planet. Ranchers and farmers usually pick this zone. Evergreens and Mantellian blue grass is able to grow here along with a myriad of crops.

The cental zone that runs around the equator has a more arid climate. The warmer temperature makes it a great place to find everything from spice and pepper farms. It has been a struggle to try to clean the air in the central zone due to airflow passing up through it from the Scraplands, and Ord Mantell's metal mining and processing industry.

The southern zone is the Scraplands. Heaps of scrap from wars long past lay in this zone. Nothing but rust grows in this zone, and it is one of the biggest reasons the climate of Ord Mantell is the way that it is.


All of Ord Mantell is made up of mountainous island continents. Most sit around the equator in the central climate zone, but extend into the other zones. Ord Mantell City sits on one such continent, sporting a mixture of all the climate zones in the largest island continent on the planet.

Everything on Ord Mantell either exists in the shadow of a mountain range, or on a mountain range. Many of the cities were built atop mesas that pepper the landscape.


The inhabitants of Ord Mantell are extremely diverse. Though humans and near-humans have come to snag the majority, even from the truly native Mantellian Savrip, they are still just one small part that makes up the melting pot of species that is Ord Mantell.

The savrips have mostly banded together in nomadic tribes that wander remote areas away from Mantellian cities. Many travel the Scraplands, taking bits and pieces of what they can to fashion themselves clothes, armor, weapons, and jewelry. It is not uncommon to find a savrip merchant selling Scrapland trinkets in major cities and even smaller towns.

The bulk of Mantellians live in the central climate zone around the equator, where most of the metropolitan centers and mines are, while the northern climate zone sports most of the ranchers and farmers that tend to stay away from cities and dust.


Flora is pretty standard on Ord Mantell. In the central zone, savannah grasses and trees can be found mixed in among the mesas, plains, and mountains. The plains and mesas turn more rocky and desert like the closer one gets to the Scraplands in the south.

Evergreen trees and Mantellian blue grass can found only in the northern climate zone. There's nothing really sqecial about them, aside from the blue grass being invented by an Aqualish rancher that really liked the color blue.


Many non-sentient animals can be found on Ord Mantell, but there are four that are the mainstays of the planets.

Gapillian grazers are an herbivore species. The large curved tusks and armored hide are mostly for appearances, as they have a gentle-temperment and prefer to roam and graze on the plains. They have been known to be docile enough that people can get near them. That isn't recommended during mating season, however, when gapillian grazers turn into a menace for everyone around them. Male grazers during this season see anything approaching a female grazer as a "love threat" and will charge.

Mantellian flutterplumes tend to make their nests near the Scraplands, but have been known to use the air current from the south to fly up to northern provinces. There are restaurants and hotels set up atop mesas and along cliff sides in the outskirts of cities specifically to watch flutterplumes making the migration to and from.

Razoronn are the direct predator of gapillian grazers. They stay well away from settlements, and won't go out of their way to harm people, but they can give a shuttlecraft a run for its money when enraged. It prefers to feast on smaller animals and grazers, using its tusks and sharp teeth to its advantage.

The most famous species of fauna to Ord Mantell is the irling. These large, 2 - 3 meter long, flying, bugs are nocturnal and sensitive to light and sound. They are what mothers warn their children not to go outside at night to play from. They're incredibly dangerous at night, but durin the day, they sleep in their hives of usually no more than 100 irlings each. Irlings are high in protein and have delicious meat both in their legs and body segments; so good in fact that a tradition of hunting irlings was developed by the Mantellians called irling fishing. Go out to a hive during the day with a group of hunters, drop a flashlight and speaker into a hive on some fishing wire and lure the irlings out into the day where they're stunned and easy prey.


Ord Mantell sports most of the "must haves" for a livable planet in terms of resources. It has sources of meat, fresh water, crops, etc. These are all resources that Ord Mantell has, but not quite in abundance. It has enough for itself, but not enough to export any.

The real resources of Ord Mantell are the metals. Since the first mine struck it big, mining and ore processing industries have flooded Ord Mantell. From these metals, Ord Mantell is able to process almost any kind of metal plating needed for everything from tools and personal armor to starship armor plating. The least common of these metals, sporting only a few mines able to get them, is phrik, though it is expensive to mine and process.


Ord Mantell's government is a democracy with a President at the head. The president works closely with the Senator for the planet to make sure everything is copesetic both on the planet and abroad.

The government is broken up into two branches: Executive where the President, Senator, and Joint Chiefs sit. And Judicial, where the planet's court and law enforcement sit.


Ord Mantell is as technologically up to date as most planets with large populatons are. Living in a Mantellian city or town would be like living in any other city or town.


Ord Mantellians are a tough people. Diverse in make and model, its people pride themselves on being Mantellian first- and it's something that they will punch first and ask questions later over. This attitude has brought with it a very straight forward way of speaking and mindset. You can talk about the problem, or you can solve it. The result is a fiercely loyal people with a fascination for phrik knuckles, bourbon, and sarcasm.

Decades and centuries of warfare has seen the culture shift to a more military centric one. Selective service comes and goes with the years, but the Mantellian military usually doesn't have any recruitment issues. Mantellians value their freedom, so an attack on that freedom is an afront to every citizen. Serving in the military, especially when Ord Mantell is in danger, is seen as the proper thing to do. A result of this mindset had resulted in military veterans making up the majority of political and industry offices on the planet.


Ord Mantell has always been in a state of conflict in one way or another. During the Old Republic era, the planet was locked in a vicious civil war between Republic loyalists backed by the Republic, and seperatists backed and funded by the Sith Empire. The government was rife with corruption on both sides, and new weapons of war were tested in the battles that raged. Crime syndicates made their home on the planet in the chaos of the proxy war. Eventually, however, the Republic backed loyalists would win the civil war.

It was after that civil war that Ord Mantell had a period of peace- practically the only in its history. It became a trade hub for the sector and galactic region. Despite the planet being at peace, being the most powerful planet in the sector in regards to trade brought with it organized crime. Eventually Black Sun was running Ord Mantell over the Ord Mantell Government.

The Clone Wars changed that when the Grand Army of the Republic liberated the planet and turned it into a military base. This continued into the era of the Galactic Empire. Being military focused, a defense force was created and trained.

With the rise and fall of factions in the years since Palpatine's Empire, Ord Mantell has tried to find an identity of its own. When a Hutt made a presence on Ord Mantell, funding terrorists, gangs, pirates, and the like, Ord Mantell had had enough and fought back. The result was decades of constant war that saw the fringe settlements near the front lines leveled and Mantellians suffer. Ord Mantell didn't have the funding to push the Cartel out, and the Cartel didn't have the tenacious resolve of the Mantellian defenders to drive them back. The war stalemated, and the planet's reputation as a den of villainy continued.

The stalemate was broken eventually by a pair of Jedi Knights.​

Lastly, what is the intention of this planet?

To offer a more in-depth roleplay environment for an already canon planet that I have come to love and want to share. Note: Currently affiliation is Independant but will be Jedi Crusader at the conclusion this thread. I will also try to keep up with the planet's history as things happen with it. If I've missed anything between The First Order and now in terms of site lore, please let me know and I'll work it in.