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Orsimer Prime

— Table of Contents
The Orcolan
Flora and fauna
Tribes and territories
Astrographical info​
Planetary info​
Societal info​
Council of Zuldrukh
Overview — Orsimer Prime was a secluded and unforgiving planet that was the homeworld of the Orcolan and a myriad of large and aggressive fauna. The planet's biosphere had various types of biomes, from arid deserts and tundras to grassy flatlands and temperate forests, to snowy mountains and high-altitude jungles. Hotter climates such as deserts and jungles were situated mostly around the planet's equator regions, with the climate growing colder and more temperate the further away one went.

Though there are various archipelagos and islands in the great ocean that accounted for about half of the planet's surface area, there were only two major continents on the planet. These two continents were referred to simply as the "Western" and "Eastern" lands in the native Orcish tongue, T'Orcish, and were home to the two biggest cultural groups: the western Batililar and the eastern Dogulular. Additionally, and unlike many other planets that operated under one unified government, Orsimer Prime did not have one central government. There were countless tribes on the planet, ranging from small nomadic communities of 15 to 30 members to massive agricultural groups with populations upwards of 5,000 strong. Though the Batiliar and the Dogulular were the biggest cultural groups, hundreds of others existed (something specific to secluded tribes), which made it difficult to form a unifying government.

The Orcolan — The Orcolan, sometimes referred to as "Orcs" elsewhere in the galaxy, were a race of sentient, mammalian humanoids native to Orsimer Prime. They were known for their awesome strength, impressive stamina, and impossibly high pain resistance which allowed them to survive in the unforgiving habitats of the planet. The majority of Orcolan live in small- to medium-sized tribes led by a patriarch or matriarch who was usually either a grandparent figure or an elderly accomplished warrior and/or hunter of the tribe. The Orcolan also had a small population of force-sensitives called the Guçlu, and force sensitivity among the species appeared to be hereditary along the maternal line. More about the Orcolan and their society, culture, biology, and history can be found here.

Flora and fauna — Orsimer Prime's oxygen-rich atmosphere allowed for the evolution of some very large species of flora and fauna throughout the planet, including the Orcolan themselves. The planet's jungles teemed with giant plant life — such as flowers, trees, and vines — that allowed for equally giant creatures to prowl among them. Megafauna roamed the grasslands, savannahs, and tundras of the planet, and deadly predators evolved to take them down. Though these creatures were both a source of food and a source of danger to the Orcolan for many millennia, after the planet began trading with the greater galaxy around 1,300 BBY, they also became a source of capital. Even remote tribes began to hunt for more than food so that they could trade or sell the creatures' pelts, bones, and skulls as luxury items to foreign merchants. Likewise, the abundance of large plant life on Orsimer Prime meant dyes could be made in larger quantities, and that also became a major export from the planet.

Tribes and territories — As mentioned before, there were hundreds of tribes that occupied Orsimer Prime's lands. Many tribes had their own swathes of territory that they laid claim to, while others were content to share the same lands. One example of multiple tribes sharing the same area could be seen in the few metropolitan areas of the planet, such as Zuldruth. Tribal culture, as a result of access to modern amenities, was not as strong there, and though every Orcolan still identified with a tribe, it was little more than a surname in the cities.

In the vast majority of rural areas though, a tribe was much more than a surname or familial tie. The Orcolan of these tribes would put their lives on the line for their tribemates, and defend their territories tooth and nail if need be. Each tribe had its own customs — like coming-of-age rituals and celebrations — in addition to its own fighting and hunting styles and techniques. Additionally, every tribe with force-sensitive members (the Guçlu) had its own views and philosophies on the Force, though it was almost entirely considered taboo for an Orcolan to use the Force offensively. This was one of the universal beliefs of the Orcolan, though there were a few secluded Northern tribes that did not subscribe to this belief (mostly out of necessity).

Of course, with so many different tribes and cultural groups on the planet, it was inevitable that they would come into conflict with one another. There was an old Orcolan saying: "The sun could shine warmly, prey could be plentiful, and lands could be respected by all, but two tribes would still find a reason to fight." This was a major reason Orsimer Prime was not unified under one flag.

REGION: Outer Rim
SECTOR: Orsim Sector
SYSTEM: Orsim System
CLOSEST HYPERSPACE LANE: Lipsec Run, Corellian Trade Spine

CLASS: Terrestrial
CLIMATE: Varied (tropical to arid)
ATMOSPHERE: Type 1 (breathable)
GRAVITY: Standard
PRIMARY TERRAIN: Varied (deserts, forests, jungles, ice cap poles, etc.)
➥ Renewable and non-renewable resources
➥ Large prey and predator species

INHABITANTS: 99% Orcolan, 1% other
GOVERNMENT: Independent tribes
➥ Zuldrukh (unofficial capital)
AFFILIATION: Independent
➥ Technology
➥ Luxury items
➥ Pelts
➥ Dyes

Overview — Orsimer Prime was governed by several independent tribes with various methods of governance. There were over 300 official tribes, and upwards of 100 unofficial ones. The Council of Zuldrukh was formed in 1,000 BBY to operate as the planet's government, but its reach was largely confined to its namesake city and they had little power on other parts of the planet. They were, however, recognized as the planet's official government by several galactic powers. As a result, the city of Zuldrukh was considered the de facto capital of Orsimer Prime. It was also home to the planet's largest spaceport.

Council of Zuldrukh — The Council of Zuldrukh was an oligarchy made up of members of Zuldrukh's most prominent tribes. There were seven sitting members that served lifetime terms, though members could (and often did) retire before death to allow a successor to take their place. Their duties mostly involved diplomatic treaties with foreign governments, internal relations with Orsimer Prime's (few) other major cities, and the various laws pertaining to Zuldrukh. Serving directly to the Council were tribal ambassadors, galactic representatives, and various other administrative positions. The tribal ambassadors attempted to keep the hundreds of tribes in the loop of things by inviting them to meetings, etc., while galactic representatives looked out into the galaxy.

Conflicts — Most of the planet's tribes ignored the Council of Zuldrukh's declaration of power, which sometimes put them into conflict with the urban tribes. Various rose and fell over the millennia, often ending with ceasefires. Zuldrukh had superior firepower and forces due to technology imports, and this meant that most conflicts ended in a decisive victory for the city. They annexed various territories and tribes as the city expanded, but had little interest in playing conqueror to the rest of the planet.

The planet's economy was entirely self-sustaining, and apart from technology and luxury items, Orsimer Prime imported very little. Their main exports were animal pelts and dyes (luxury items). Outside of major cities, the "economy" is little other than a trade and bartering system, and even within major cities, the richest of the Orcolan had far lighter pockets than the other wealthy of the galaxy.

➥ 37,000 BBY: Date of oldest found Orcolan skeleton
➥ 4,000 BBY: Orsimer Prime introduced to the greater galaxy
➥ 3,000 BBY: Formation of first major modern Orcish city
➥ 1,384 BBY: Zuldrukh builds a major spaceport
➥ 1,000 BBY: Council of Zuldrukh is founded
➥ 1 ABY: Zuldrukh becomes Orsimer Prime's de facto capital


To create the planet mentioned in the Orcolan write-up for use in roleplay, backstories, etc.
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