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Apr 7, 2015
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Shu-Torun. For those uninterested in galactic history, it's just one world out of billions—if not trillions—littering the known galaxy. It is the first world the Exiles took five centuries ago, before they were Andraste's Sith Empire. Since then, it has remained staunchly loyal to the Empire, providing them with ore and other valuable resources found within its mines and on its surface.

Recent events have changed that, however. Though Shu-Torun chose to stand by the Empire, their allegiance wavers, weaker than ever. Droves of planets leaving from beneath its fold has made its grip on Shu-Torun shaky, and a recent hike in tribute taxes to compensate has upset its ruling class. It is time for us to show them that there is another option, without taxes and without funding imperialism. Capitalizing off the ruling class' discontent—and sowing some more among the working classes of miners—we will turn Shu-Torun into a symbol of rebellion, proving that even the most loyal of the Empire's supporters can be turned.

Shu-t Them Down

Done for the DayOPEN/PVPONGOINGLINK— Shu-Torun's surface is constantly patrolled by delving citadels—huge, mobile structures that serve as its most important ore-mining machinery. Though generally run by the ore-dukes—Shu-Torun's ruling class—they have allowed the Empire control over one delving citadel, where its Moff can live. Rebels will sneak in and shut down production, but will not destroy it—our allies will need it after they have joined the rebellion. @Levi Solus @Elix Lorso

Renounce MaterialismOPEN/PVPDEFEATLINK — Constantly overworked and rarely given a break, Shu-Torun's miners have grown used to awful conditions with little pay. They live in villages near the mines they work in, spending what little free time they have drinking or tending to their homes. Travel to one such village and convince them that it's time to revolt and join the rebellion. @Calath Draykon, @Abrakhal Grisgoh

For Your PeopleOPEN/PVPVICTORYLINK — While Shu-Torun succumbs to chaos and the Imperial order is broken, travel to the King's mining citadel, where he has—reluctantly—agreed to meet with rebel envoys. Disenchanted with rising quotas and taxes, he hopes that your visit can give him reason to be optimistic about his planet's future. @Levi Solus, @Elix Lorso

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