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Apr 18, 2015
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A small corporate player in the adrenal synthesis market

Systech Corporation was founded in 6897 BBY and signaled in a new era in criminal ventures. Seeming to be a legit law-abiding corporation to many worlds, including the Republic, that earned its credits through adrenal manufacturing, medicine research and non-lethal means of self defense, it was in fact a front to various criminal activities linked to the Hutt Cartel. It was one of the big players in the coaxium raids of 6897 BBY and its personnel consisted of suspects of various armed robberies, extortion attempts and acts of illegal smuggling.

Rumor has it the corporation was started after a rich cartel lieutenant read a book by Alderaan business man Ronnal Tumy and found out that the answer to not getting caught with a crime was extremely simple: Start a business on a world without oversight and produce a product that no one understands.

In the millennia since it hasn't grown as a corporation to attract a heightened level of scrutiny from intergalactic organizations, the Sector Rangers or indeed their megacorporation competition and hasn't been suspected of illegal acts in roughly a millennia.

At the top Systech has a board of five [5] members.
  • Chief Executive Officer - NPC - Davik Massa
    The tie-breaker during votes, the current Systech CEO isn't what you call a 'hands-on' kind of boss.​
  • Chief Financial Officer - PC - Mik Deluto
    Holding office in the Corporate Sector, the CFO is responsible for the books and all that it entails. The current CFO is content with keeping the corporation out of debt, which is one of the reasons Systech hasn't been growing much in the last decade.​
  • Chief Science Officer - NPC - Ko Lanno
    Overseeing the science department on Quesh, the CSO is very involved in the adrenal synthesis process and is responsible for the adrenals meeting all the regulated requirements of intergalactic law.​
  • Chief Public Relations Officer - PC - Julia Hipori
    Perhaps the busiest position on the board, the CRPO is responsible for not just Systech's public image, but also sits at the table during marketing deals and frequently clashes with the CSO and CLO after making deals on a too short timeline.​
  • Chief Logistics Officer - NPC - Dryden Duo
    The only other boardmember to hold office on Quesh aside from the CSO, the CLO is in charge of getting and harvesting raw materials that are needed to produce adrenals and their synthesis, as well as shipping the finished product to clients. Together with the CFO, they sometimes try to push cheaper raw materials on the CSO. Luckily without much success so far.​

Systech employs unionized freight pilots, security officers and scientists for their adrenal facility on Quesh. For the corporate office in Corporate space they primarily employ security officers, accountants and lawyers.

Systech Reaches Out!

Adrenal Synthesis Facility on Quesh
Corporate Sector Office on Etti IV


@Nor'baal - Julia Hipori - Chief Public Relations Officer
@Eccles - Mik Deluto - Chief Financial Officer

To once again flesh out a small corporation that has been part of the site's narrative for many years, having once produced classic non-lethal weapons used in PvP (knock-out grenades and aural blasters) and allow for corporate RP elsewhere than the big megacorporations. We intent to keep an NPC in the CEO position to avoid abuse of assets and keep Systech an NPC organization.

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