The Six Tenets

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Dec 23, 2006
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The Six Tenets

The tenets of the Ospion are not convoluted, or long. They are simple, and the backbone of the Guardians. Follow them, and look to them for guidance in all actions.

1.The Ospion are defenders of peace. They hold allegiance to the people of the galaxy, and to no government.
2.Emotions are dangerous, yet hold great power. Wield your emotions with care, and you shall achieve greatness.
3.Do not mistake lust for love. One will lead to ruin, the other to harmony with the force.
4.Do not give into wrath. To kill a creature is to irrevocably alter yourself and the galaxy.
5.Order is important. Follow your Consuls, and trust in their guidance.
6.Whatever done, is done through the force.
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