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  • Looks like I left the last message on your profile before this one too. Are you planning a comeback for the next timeline?
    Yo. Do you mostly lurk the OOC of the site nowadays, or do you still RP? I see you lurking a lot.
    Happy 22nd!
    Here's to many more...
    The basis premiss of my character is that he isn't a native Hapan but a slave who freed himself through good service to the Hapans and is a soldier for them. Now I'm wondering if that is possible regarding how the Hapans are with outsiders.

    What do you think?

    Sorry top repost this mate but just wanted your opinion on the plausibility of this? I'm thinking a barbarian in Roman times freed working for the roams if you get my dift.
    As for my PM, if you got it, you can toss it. Crackerjack has made it abundantly clear he has no intention of finishing our duel.
    In regards to Memento, there's also the fact that Snt. Solaire metagaming a convenient vent nearby when it was not mentioned before. The Bastion Palace is not his choosing of a location nor under his control/authority, so he cannot claim one exists there. Thought I'd let you know.
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