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  • 'twas stuck in the alderaan forum and when I moved it it stayed stuck. It's like...tech admin fail.
    Don't know that oyu wanted it but I put the resized version of your avatar in place since it was rather badass and would be a shame to loose, lol.
    Now that we have the second skin up and running, would you be able to resize your avatar so that it fits the new dimensions, please?
    Nexus? Have you seen Sheo, any where? I mean he has not been on lately. And The roster needs updating. As well as the sign up sheets.
    I don't really want to bother you with this, Doomsday, but - would it be possible for you to change a Thread-Title of a character Profile of mine?
    Yea, so I asked Jiang about the character who would be part of a secret military branch that not even other people in the military knew about, and he was cool with it, but then he told me to ask an admin about it too. So, I assumed you're cool with it to based on your post about asking Jiang? Anyways, let me know so I know if I should post the character. Thanks.
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