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  • Well the nine years of exile would be good for a story. I could possibly do a reuniting thing (which would be the route I'd go). Just a few things: how'd I find the new base, are the Knights neutral or have a good/evil side, and what were the Imperial worlds?

    Sorry for asking so much. Don't know much about the Knights. That's why my interest in them is high.
    So let me get this straight. The Sith took over the "Empire", and the Knights rebelled, then defunct from the "Empire". So I could say my character was on a planet controlled by the "Empire" when the Sith began their purge?
    Hey. How active are the Imperial Knights? I'd like to join. But don't wanna join a faction not going anywhere. You know?
    Now what do we do? She has claimed she will have no part in the thread and that she did not even exist in the thread to begin with. She just ruined the thread! What do we do?
    Well **** a duck. Clawdite it is I guess. Shucks, I was really liking the idea of T-1000 in the Star Wars universe lol
    Hey Nexus, I already asked Bac this but he hasn't gotten back to me (plus Sreeya said you're probably the better person to ask on this) but I was wondering it this species was allowed:

    I know Shi'ido aren't allowed anymore (which is a bummer, because I had been planning a Shi'ido character for a while) but I wanted to know whether these guys were too OP as well? I'm really not trying to metagame or anything, I just have a character concept that is perfect as a shapeshifter and Clawdites aren't really fitting the bill.

    Thanks a bunch.
    Nexus how come I am not on the roster? Alex Nonomyth. My character.
    Hey Nexus. Last time I'll ask you, I promise, then I'll leave you alone lol. Do you have those Chiss pictures? I wanna work on the character some before work today.

    Also, we need to get together either tonight or this weekend sometime and plan for this Quest/Battle event of ours. I've got some questions about it I need answered.
    I am more than happy to edit any details in this thread Desolate Abstraction should you require.
    Hi there! Am I in the clear to permissibly start a vague thread in the Imperial Knight's 'Training Bay Section' of the Faction simply to meet and greet and perhaps acquire a sparring partner to bring to the dueling ring section of the site? or should I await further developments of the Faction before rping there? Thanks.
    Wait, Nexus. I thought you have already gave a warning for the same, thing? Aww, today is just not my day, sorry.
    Can you just Lock the profile. I don't have time to being barked by. Incessant harsh, immature people Like Hoz. And his unnecessarily comments. If he has nothing nice, to say then don't say it at all. Just lock it please.
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