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  • It's be nice if you dropped in every once in a while, just to let us know you miss us greatly. And yes, we do miss you. :)
    Damnit man, I miss you, I miss your writing and I miss the legacy quest you set up. Shoot me a PM if you ever come back.
    Cleaning up the roster. Due to your absence for over 3 weeks I'm removing your character from the roster. When you return, just shoot me a VM and I'll put him back up.
    I hope this doesn't come out rude (or anything), but with your fluctuating times, I think there's too much tech for you to check (with the rps and all). Maybe there should be another techy (unless Jiang is one).
    I left a lot of room for you to get creative so by all means do so! :D
    Hm, so tempting to try to have Geist kidnap and brainwash Ascalon and see how relations go between Ascalon and Vitalis, lol.
    I'm telling you, this kid is golden. I just gotta figure out his full comedy potential. :bitchez
    Next up on the agenda is playing catch with Nodi [love the name btw], or singing in the cave! :CHappy
    Awesome!! This is what I proposed to Cassa:Maybe they are thrown in the same class, Gaja's prankster pulls a truck that lands them all in detention which involves cleaning up a cave on tython or something and the end up falling into an unexplored part with nasty surprises and start bonding while making their way out?
    Hey, if you want a Master for Amadora's kid, Aine's up for the task. Amadora's best friend and self-proclaimed guardian.
    Xenooooooo! You with the Jedi who be the brother from the same mother to Gaja's munchkin, we be doing a munchkin get together thread. You be in?
    You will if you make a Jedi kid, who is also the child of Adena's Amadora! Also get on skype/msn and add me [skype - petar_gajic90].
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