Mission Pack The Vasser Kidnapping


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Dec 1, 2015
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Phyllys Vasser, CFO of Transport Automata Unlimited, has contacted the Sector Rangers about a recent break in. But money and goods were not the aim of these criminals. They took her son though they left a ransom note.

'We'll be holding onto your son. Don't contact the police. We'll call when we're ready to talk.'

Roland Rook, has volunteered on short notice to take lead the case. Fondor is a large planet and his comfort zone ironically being more towards the outer rim. Time is of the essence and more help is welcome. The kidnappers have indicated they do not want law enforcement but might have yet to realize our involvement at all. This is Mrs Vasser's son and there are dangerous criminals holding him so use discretion and only show your badges when you need to. The last thing we need is for the kidnappers to catch our scent.

This is short notice so Rangers and Jedi nearby have come together to work on this. Try to work well with one another so that we can get Thyrs Vasser back and bring these kidnappers to justice. Do your best.

C R I M E _ S C E N E

Participants: @Roland @Nykoria Tallis Thread Started
Details: Thyrs Vasser was abducted at some point between when he left the space port and arrived home. We know he came home because his things were there. You'll be given more information on the crime scene after your arrival. The kidnappers have not made any demands yet and might still call so it is best to stay with Mrs Vasser and make sure she is safe.

N I G H T _ T R A F F I C K I N G

Participants: @Bast Emblai @Corran Velt
Details: With some of the clues uncovered and a break with traffic camera we have a general direction the kidnappers are located. It is believed they're still on the move likely in some airspeeder but moving among traffic. They won't risk going to the starport but you must find them before the reach a safehouse or a ship that can take them off planet.

Please submit your interest with your character name and either a link to your subaccount and/or character sheet along with your desired thread(s). All threads for this mission pack are Self-DM.
Thank you for reading and I hope you have fun!

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Jun 17, 2018
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I understand that it is primarily a Sector Ranger case. But if there's enough room when it starts, I'd be happy to get my Jedi involved in either (or both) of the threads. Her skillset and background seem appropriate for the task.


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Jan 1, 2020
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Sign Corran Velt up for Night Trafficking, if you would be so kind. He cut his teeth on the Automata Unlimited case and now he's finishing it.