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Jul 25, 2010
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Vayla Mirana's Armor

Vayla embarked on her journey into the Force on a vessel of pacifism, a notion nurtured by her master, who yet added the reality that violence was sometimes justified when your opponent left you no other option, particularly where the lives of others were concerned. While seeking a balance between peace and war, then, Vayla learned that the former might come to depend on the latter, and this maxim takes its form upon her armor.

Worn like an exoskeleton, a symbol of 'wearing the war', Vayla's actual armor encompasses some of the more vital parts of her body, even where her overall suit might cover other limbs without offering the same protection. Having put her mind and heart into the making of the armor with her own two hands, it holds a varying blue color scheme as the maker's favorite color.

With the chosen material, the armor pieces were designed to be both lightweight and protective, and to cater to motion control by being form-fitting. This decision further symbolizes the wearer's emphasis on diplomacy first, and violence as a last resort.


Legal everywhere.


To provide Vayla Mirana with her own custom set of armor, and armor in general, and to indulge in character images that otherwise show this would be 'armor'.

No. It stands to reason that someone could make identical armor, provided they strike the finer notes of universal coincidence, or otherwise copy-paste the technical specifications from Vayla's person.

Type and Coverage

Type: Light Armor


  • Torso: Lightweight removable Duraplast plate inserts
  • Upper Arms: Lightweight Duraplast plate shoulder and upper arm guards
  • Lower Arms: Lightweight Duraplast plate gauntlets


No functions.