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Yoshiko Ryder
  • Iko
  • Sleek
SpeciesSenko Fiani
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourYellow
Height163.3 cm / 64.3 in
Weight61.1 kg / 134.8 lbs
Force SensitiveNo
•Professional Status•
  • Engineer
  • Fence
  • Mechanic
•Personal Status•

  • Yoshiko was born in the Aelad Lakes region of Fiana.

    Born in a smaller, struggling settlement with more traditional Fiani, Yoshiko's black hair was seen as a curse for the struggling hamlet. The food was scarce, the land was barren, and the supplies were running out. It didn't help that shortly after her birth, a horrific blizzard passed over the settlement, resulting in the deaths of several of its members. Convinced that Yoshiko's birth heralded the end of the community, her parents were given an ultimatum: abandon the child or leave. Ultimately, her parents left the settlement and chose to find elsewhere to live.

    The trek from the far-flung community in the Aelad Lakes to one of the larger ones was arduous. Still an infant, Yoshiko and her parents were battered by blistering cold and gusting winds. As the temperatures dropped and the howling gales picked up, her mother shed layer after layer of clothing to protect her daughter. The loss of insulation inevitably caused her mother to succumb to frostbite, leaving her father to continue the journey alone.

    Eventually, the man stumbled across an encampment of hunters. He staggered into their camp, begging for help, and the hunters obliged. They offered shelter, food, water, and more clothes to the shivering man and his bundled child and, once the tempestuous storm subsided, transported him back to Teakroof. There, Yoshiko spent the rest of her days living with her father in Teakroof, surrounded by those less stuck in their beliefs than the settlement she came from.

    Her father chose to never explain how her mother died, believing that such a truth, the truth of knowing your life came at the expense of a loved one, would crush her fiery, blossoming spirit and leave her as little more than an ember struggling against the storm.

    As she grew older, Yoshiko became infatuated with the machines and technology she was exposed to in the Teakroof spaceport. She came under the tutelage of one of the few engineers who worked on the devices, learned his trade, and grew up into a bright mind with a technological savvy possessed by few on Fiana. Yoshiko eventually left to start her own salvaging business and, throughout her time as a mechanic fixing ships in space, became embroiled in the smuggling and fencing of illicit goods.

  • The table shown below sorts thread history based on chronological order for Yoshiko. The most recent events in Yoshiko's life will be towards the bottom.

    _____After Hours____
    Completed / Canon
    Enjoying the life she made for herself on Nar Shaddaa, Yoshiko gets a visit at her salvage store by a woman seeking to purchase a droid for help around her garden.

    ___Right on Cue____
    Completed / Canon
    During her first trip to the Cosmo Lounge on a business trip, Sleek decides to play a game of pool, where she meets a cast of eccentric and curious characters.

    ______Busy Bees_____
    Completed / Canon
    A hot, lazy day at the shop turns into repairing a vintage starship when a down-on-his-luck pilot named Kotru Eabod walks in with fresh damages, asking Sleek for her assistance.

    _____Float on By_____
    Completed / Canon
    Bored by a lack of business, Sleek sits in her shop playing games until another Fiani named L'Arra walks in, wanting routine maintenance performed on her ship. Instead, the usual care turns into something Sleek never planned for her first date.

    Completed / Canon
    After acquiring a BD unit for Kotru as he requested, Sleek calls him to the shop to fix it and present it to him as an improvised astromech droid similar to her own.

    Ongoing / Canon
    A man named Makari storms into Sleek's, demanding to know if she possesses the parts to repair a vintage speeder. Although the two initially but heads, they make amends and share their passion for classic vehicles.

    ___Back to Fiana___
    Ongoing / Canon
    Sleek pays a visit to Fiana to see her family and friends from before she left, and during her visit, she meets a young Fiani, desperate to find a mechanic to repair his ship to leave the planet.

    ___Ongoing / Canon__

    Ongoing / Canon

  • The table will sort chronicle records into three columns: the chronicle itself in the centre, then threads before and after it to provide context on where it goes in Yoshiko's continuity.

    Before →​
    Chronicle →​
    After →​
    Float on By​
    Building Blocks​

  • Trusted

    DG-22 [Link]
    Yoshiko's personal BD-series droid companion, she treasures and loves the bot as if it were her flesh and blood. The two are typically with one another, and their bond is readily apparent to anyone who watches them interact.

    "Di-Gi? Yeah, found 'im scrapped in an alleyway and took 'im back to the shop with me. Fixed 'im up, and we've been together ever since. Couldn't imagine life without the li'l bugger. If anyone ever did anything to my li'l guy, they'd find themselves at the business end of an HK unit real ruttin' fast."

    Hans "HoloFlex" Bunson [Link]
    An Orcoloan that Sleek met briefly during a trip to the bar, he—along with Z'Kair—initially deceived her into buying a month's subscription to Emryc Energy over a game of pool.

    "I like his name. Could prob'ly afford t'approach some-a his scams a li'l better. A little confused, but he's got the spirit."

    Kotru Eabrod [Link]
    A down-on-his-luck pilot bouncing from one job to the next, Sleek met him when he flew in needing repairs on his ship.

    "Fine kid, if a bit reckless. Seems t'know a fair bit 'bout ships, and claims t'be a decent pilot. Fer all I know he just might be, considerin' he managed t'pilot his bird into the hangar with its guts spillin' out. Wouldn't mind if he came back again."

    L'arra [Link]
    The first Fiani to visit Sleek at her business on Nar Shaddaa, L'Arra came in looking for some starship repairs. The two hit it off well, and Sleek found herself struggling with becoming smitten with someone who was clearly looking for a one night stand.

    "L'Arra? I... she's great. Pretty face, kind heart, what en't there t'like? I get the feelin' she en't lookin' t'go steady with someone, though... but, whenever she does, sure wouldn't mind if it were me."

    A senator and nobleman from a well-off planet, Sleek initially butted heads with Makari when he came into her shop demanding vintage speeder parts. The two managed to make amends and shared in their passion for old tech.

    "Makari, poor sod, got a li'l bit defensive when it felt like he was tryin'-a talk over me, but we're shiny, now. I'd welcome him back t'my shop any time t'discuss vintage speeders with him again. Might be we could learn from each other."

    Param Vour [Link]
    An Echani girl who came to visited Sleek's store on Nar Shaddaa. The Fiani quickly took a shine to her, as did DG-22.

    "Sweet girl. Di-Gi certainly seemed t'take a liking to 'er real fast, but I can understand why. Quiet, kinda reserved, and a lil delicate fer a place like Nar Shaddaa. Can't believe I'm sayin' this, but she'd prob'ly be a good Jedi."

    Roman Kallo [Link]
    The first person Sleek met when visiting the club she met Z'Kair and Flex at, and the person she was teamed up with when they had their team match against the two swindlers.

    "Li'l tetchy fer my tastes, and terrible at pool. En't really sure how I feel 'bout him, but who knows, maybe he was just havin' an off-day. En't really care to find out, though."

    S'Kenji [Link]
    A fellow Fiani Sleek met on Fiana, S'Kenji was a younger man desperately looking for a mechanic to fix his broken down starship so he could skip port and make his deliveries.

    "Seems like a nice kid, but... he almost seems too nice. Gotta wonder if somethin' else's goin' on with him, but it en't m'place t'question it. I just help people as need helpin'."

    Z'Kair [Link]
    Along with "Flex," Z'Kair was another Fiani Sleek met during one of her few journeys out to a club. She ended up falling victim to a scam set up by him and his Orcoloan friend.

    "Def'nitely a pretty-boy ladykiller, but he was polite enough t'me, so he gets some extra scratch fer that. M'heart goes out t'whatever gal falls fer his charms, 'cause en't no way that ends good."

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