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  • Also, sorry about my short posts ^.^' I can't quite get it as long as you because I don't have an npc to converse with, plus I seem to not have that consistent five paragraph post on anything quite yet.
    Hmm. I don't have much for on-planet adventure, unless you want to get the big 'I'm a grey jedi!' reveal to thugs or other of the like. Other than that, to adventure we go ^.^
    Pandora's box, man. You just got a crowbar and opened it up. Rikva has so much going on because I plan on getting a saga on her spanning eight years. There was her leaving the temple, inbetween, and then the thread that will come after this one. The temple she was talking about is what Rikva thinks is home. It's a fabled grey jedi temple held secret to everyone except for her because Rikva is supposedly the only one to open it. And then there's her arch nemesis Kliff getting in the way again.

    And as for her role, I didn't give her much initiative in internal goals because it's your thread of course. Don't wanna jack your story, which I probably took too seriously and swung the other way into the 'I'll follow you everywhere!' side. That's mainly why I'll make a second part for her after this.
    Do what you want with the robed figures in the port. They could fight Rikva and Triter while they were protecting the cargo, or they would be involved with the second part of Rikva's story on Belvaris- your choice.
    Nah, I didn't plan out anything. Feel free to make her your own, 'togruta female' was just a description I came up with.
    Thanks AF! I will try to get to it today but it may be tomorrow as I have 10 RP's running right now. :)
    Glad to see back at it! I know we didn't RP much together, but I remember asking you before to RP before you left at some point (or wanting to at least). Anyway, I was hoping maybe the Lost interested you any? Would love to have any of your characters (current or brand-spanking-new) join us, and have you aboard the group. If not, a singe RP would suffice! :D
    Letting you know that Nakoma will be meditating, so yours and my character are free to conversate for a bit before moving on.
    Cool cool. Go ahead and post then if you like and they might have an interaction before the Jedi comes around.
    Sure, don't see why not :p
    Just let me know what role you want to take place in all of this. Kyanos and her soon to be Master will be needing to fight some bounty hunters before getting off free. Are you part of them (at that point you'd take control of the bounty hunters, finding her from interrogating the Gungan that employed her) against them or in the background?
    Glad the thread is so active haha I'll do my best to drop in but I have a lot of stuff going on!
    What intrigued me was when I was clicking on the links and saw this in one of them.

    "He was presumed killed during the destruction of his flagship, though this is unconfirmed; at any rate, he has not been seen since."
    ~From the profile of Captain Hasperre

    Does this mean there is a chance we will see from him in the future?
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