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  • I've replied and you guys have shown up in the meeting room. Figured that should allow us to start talking.
    Posted up in ze thread. I wasn't sure if you wanted me to just land straight away or if there was a particular way you wanted me to land, so eh. Feel free to have my ships land and the envoys disembark in your post so you've got something worthwhile to respond to.
    Notice: The Hutt nobles will be having a meeting soon. Please RSVP in "ATTN Nobility"
    Hey, I posted my ideas for divvying up Republic forces in the Sup chancellors board briefing room. That sound ok to you?
    Your inbox is full. Regarding your last PM, okay, what would you like me to do in said thread? PM me when you can clear out your inbox to let me know.
    I suppose we'd start out low level but eventually move up to the leaders themselves. Otherwise, I can't think of any conditions that aren't spelled out in the thread itself.
    response to your PM--

    Possibly. Any special considerations I should know about? (And on what level are you negotiating--low-level diplomats, or straight with the monarchy itself?)

    (Forum gave me error messages when I tried to reply directly to PM.)

    If this info must be kept private, e-mail me at [email protected] as I'd like to circumvent the forum headaches
    I had written up a post, but then Firefox closed down on me, and I couldn't restore what I wrote. I'm more than a little pissed off right now, so I might be late in responding.
    I gotcha. Right now I'm going to bed since I have to get up early tomorrow, but I already have in mind what I'll do and I'll post it first chance tomorrow.
    I guess directing some of the guns on the various ship. Perhaps pointing out targets for the gunners to shoot at. If you want something more exciting, you'd be free to go and pilot another ship(I suppose you'd get on a shuttle to transit between the ships) or even get in a fighter or bomber if you want. At the moment, I'm hoping to speed through the battle in hopes of capturing a few more planets and sealing off a trade route from the Hutts. And then maybe turning the Mandalorians to our will.
    Sorry for posting late about this. I was wondering what Zauriel was suppose to be doing in the battle. Is he suppose to be filling the role of a gunner, a starfighter pilot, or what?
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