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  • If someone hasn’t already told you today, I love you. You made it through the day and I’m proud of you. The emotions you’ve felt have all been valid, and you’re still standing here at the end of a long day. Thanks for letting me get to know you, and I better see you again tomorrow. And again,
    I love you.
    Hanging out with friends tonight! Posts will come tomorrow!
    Moon Nymph
    Moon Nymph
    Have fuuun <3
    Die Shize
    Die Shize
    Charles… Charles of Spawn arms.
    He’s…not called Carl. Is he…a king?
    Prince Charles maybe. Can he…sing?
    He’s got green eyes. Or just in his pic!
    Knows how to write! Yes he is…quick!
    Helped my char find his dog one time..
    Armen. That’s where I met him. O right!
    We hung out like friends…day and night!
    I am a Ford-Ram
    Fuddruckin' Cowboy

    My Father was a Cow
    And my Mama was a Boy

    Half Person
    Half Cow
    That's me
    A Cowboy


    Someone Help Me
    • bb
    Reactions: Die Shize
    Die Shize
    Die Shize
    Ohhhhhh now this deserves a post.
    Your format is excellent—the poem!
    I like it when we speak so we spoke.
    I do yet quite like peanut butter toast.
    You see your words curve? In…rows..
    More than an arc—letter’s wind blows.
    Hoodiladee—a blue hoodie—and coat.
    Lasso cows and rams, cowgal, I wrote..
    Game of plains, grass and those roads..
    Roleplay’s kinda like A Game of Thrones!
    Beneath my bed, I stare without glee,
    Something is under there and I think it's a 'He',
    He chuckles and sputters and scrapes,
    But when mum and dad come to inspect, He disappears without a trace,
    Someone come help me, I think it's watching,
    Someone believe me, I'm going to start crying,
    He's there, I just know it,
    But every chance I get, I blow it,
    To get rid of the monster under my bed
    The monster that wants me dead
    Die Shize
    Die Shize
    That monster who is facing me.
    Takes my breath. I can’t breathe.
    Painful weep. Even bone bleeds…
    Scars so deep—yes under a chest.
    Does that monster…have a heart..?
    Does it…just kinda lurk in the dark..?
    Is it…more than the sum of its parts?
    This…monster…who is worlds apart…
    With claws and teeth—leaves its mark!
    That black hole beast as its words…arc!
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