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  • That could definitely work. The Asian theme goes well with the age of the temple; the Tython monastery would've been around since the Force Wars, and the little bit of canon information and imagery that's available for that time shows a very Japanese-like culture.

    If you ask Adena, she may be able to add in a Jedi statue or two somewhere, just to Star Wars it up a bit more.
    One thing I've asked all faction leaders to do is run any text changes by me first; a lot of write up information for stuff in faction boards is used as referenced source material in wiki articles, so I just want to see first what's being changed, added, removed, etc. to see what kind of work it'll make for any potential article changes.
    Also, they're all copyrighted, it's just that with movie, TV, and game screenshots, the massive corporations that own the copyright don't really care since going after 1 person would be horrible press.
    No, I'd just rather that - in threads like these - we don't use copyright images, which is why I used a TOR image when I first created the thread. I won't stop people from using DeviantArt images in profiles or anything, since they are responsible for the contents of their own profile, but in informational threads like this that help to represent the site I'd rather we just used movie screenshots and video game screenshots and what not. Doesn't matter what game or movie they're from, since those companies really don't care, but it's just safer to do that.
    Thank you. ^.^;; You'll find I RP much better than writing biographies. Zen asked me to be his Padawan, so I suppose we'll get started on that. But by all means- Join my open thread. :D
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