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  • 'scuse? I FRIGGIN' LOVE OBLIVION! It's like the only video game I'll play, lol. I just don't recall random lines like that, lol.
    personal attachments to threads FTL.
    I'm kidding, I understand; just you might want to change the wording in your sig, cuz as it is now it sounds like you're going to be gone for a long time :P

    That said...i'm pretty sure i could figure out your style :P
    yo, I saw the thing about you not being able to edit the roster in your sig. You might want to add that if they want to be added they can PM me. I mean, it's not technically my job, but it IS within my abilities.
    was that what it was before you changed it? I never actually read beyond gentleman. how does everyone keep doing that anyways? I thought it was an admin thing, then pokakaa did it, now I assume everyone can do it.
    Hellooooo there. =3 I've just realised I'm not on the Jedi Roster; is it taking a while to update? ^_^
    np, your one of the members here I respect. If I'm ever hard on you in a forum, its because I only completely open up to those I like or respect.
    so your in charge of jedi approval now? cool! you update more often than rev from what I've seen, so this is probably really good for the jedi. Thank you gentleman!
    Sort of. I always have a tab on Firefox open with the Who's Online page so that I don't auto-log out. But I have been paying attention to it for that reason, yes.
    Yep, she's lived most of her life in the deep underbelly of Coruscant, but doesn't mean she hasn't visited other planets on courier missions or the such for Hutts. =P
    Because of the rules of that particular Hutt. He doesn't want his slaves going off and having relationships. Plus it ruins their figure. =P
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