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  • Vhalanestilliegan defeated Lyko, and Ichabod Jayce won his match out of default.
    As I said if the story itself is canon so is Vengence-Class's cloaking device as it's reffered to many times during the campaign and is mentioned as to not being affected by double blind, also It is not Stygium either
    hmmmm but that still makes Vengence-Class canon and when Cloaking device looked up it says that it's not affected by Double Blind since it uses something other then the h.... whatever, model, so I don't think it's non-canon as the Vengence-Class cloaking device is used in the story, I have the game, it's on the campaign and you use the Cloaking Device while moving:/
    Well Vengence-Class is considered Canon, I think EaW was counted as canon as well. Also it could be modified, and more like I brought a AK-47 from 1947 to 2012 it's still a good gun;).
    Vengence-Class is from a pirate faction lol. Plus I only have one and many more ships have cloaking devices then three.
    Wrong model. The "double-blind" does not appear to apply to personal cloaking devices or to stygium models (as is assumed for G0-T0's yacht.) Vengence Class is unaffected from double blind:D
    I warned him. If he opens fire on us, we'll start blowing his ships out of the field.
    Dammit... Well simply, we're outnumbered, but this shouldn't be a hard fight. We have superiority in firepower. :)
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