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  • Hey dude, can you please post in A Stew Best Served Cold next time you're online? You're holding things up a bit. Thanks in advance! :D
    I'm back!
    Been away for some days, leaving me without the net.
    (I should've notified you ._.)

    Anyway. I'll be posting tomorrow. I'll be jumping into our ol' posting-schedule-thingy by then.
    I'll edit it, just II have to leave we are going to see Captain America. So if they post while I am gone just hold off until I am done.
    Go take a look! The mission-thread is up!

    Christ, lol. Your last post in the training-thread? It's awesome, and the chastising lesson? Kelric is in so much pain right now, lol.

    "Go take over the Galaxy with your rocks!" (or something).
    Anyway, I was laughing. Hey, if there's anything disharmonous in my posts, do tell me. It's been some time since I've RP'd.
    And I apologize as well. I'm not usually one to fly off the handle like that. I'd also like to be able to start fresh and hope to be able to calmly discuss any disputes instead of screaming at one another. Thanks a lot for stepping up like this. : )
    Well my good guys so far are an Alliance guy, and Imp. Rebs guy, and the Indy guy who leads UI. I'll also have a Sith droid-supersoldier type character, which I would gladly use to assist your character with evil assassinations and carrying out of dastardly plans.
    Raider, Alexis Nonomyth CANNOT fight in the battle because she is not in the Bogan faction to begin with; she allied with the Hutts after the Darksaber split. Zen tried to bring her back in but was denied by Dark Cloud. Even still, you don't have the authority to allow him in, and that would moreso unbalance the numbers and add more confusion to the mix.
    Mind if Alexis Nonomyth joins the Assualt on Alderaan, to help the Bogan?
    I'll post next week, My Router blocked the site on my computer and I am on the school's computer right now.
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