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  • Hey I was asking Fusion about the thread but he went offline before he could answer all of them so do you mind if I ask you?
    lol it's an admin ability designed to check for bots and keep an eye on what the spiders are doing and bot monitoring. Sorry to weird you out :S
    Just to clarify, Lucius will be doing the RPing(once he finishes his ironically-times pirate character).
    Sorry!! I have been busy lately will have a post up by tomorrow or later today. I am sorry bro.
    Frankly, the latter one sounds better. A massive IC argument isn't exactly my idea of a good time. I should be able to find someone to RP the pirates, but I wll warn you beforehand that at least one of heir vessels will escape(for storyline reasons which I'll elaborate on if you want me to).
    Want to do a non force power duel between Alex and Vegzet? Lightsabers allowed and other weapons, and force senses, but no actual powers. Make sense?
    Yeah, it could work for either one. The Jedi would probably stick to more larger-scale military action and other more covert stuff as opposed to assassination, but it's possible they could do it if the Council members wanted to. The IK are also a good possibility like you said. Assassination would be up their alley.
    Hey man, welcome back. Yeah, it officially ended on Tuesday. There aren't any major battles planned right now on either side, but I think they may be gearing up for some skirmishes or some other sort of RP events.
    Heya. I'm basically re-making the 'Korriban Zombies' thread.
    If you're interested in joining with your ol' character, shoot me up.

    Here's the new OOC. <--- Clicky.
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