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  • Matsu is back and unfrozen.

    I will get a post up as one is owed
    tell me when the meeting is over, I'll be there for act three now that there is nothing left in my way. And well the shadow thread has been settled.
    woah. I leave, my master joined the imp knights, and now the meeting started without me lol, what now?
    Since Syn's bugging out, you'll need to work around his spot in the story. It's going to have to be that simple, I'm afraid.
    It doesn't really work that way unless his char is intimately familiar with the council and their presences in the Force. He might pick out a single really powerful presence, but that could just as easily be a Jedi Master who's exceedingly well trained, or a former councilor. If you want to find the Council, you'd best be off to Coruscant
    I generally don't read people's threads, and sometimes I don't even read bios since I prefer to learn about people's characters IC'ly. Makes it more interesting, imo.
    lol yeah sorry this is a crazy week for me for obvious reasons, but im posting in everything now lol. And what do you mean our rp may be my Jedi trials, did the council ok that? Not that I'm complaining, I just don't want to get my hopes up lol.
    yeah sorry ill work on it now, had the Marine Corps ball this weekend at my unit, so i was in no state to reply lol.
    Jiang says if you want to set a meeting with the council you need to pm them
    So how do you want me to come in, From where you and Adonia are in the thread Matsu just showing up would be strange. I will come in but just please a way.
    yeah sorry it so late, RL called but ill schould have it done within the next 20mins
    Um... you're a bit behind the times lol I'm second in command for Sith this timeline. Jedi Faction Leader is Denzein.
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