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  • Yeah I tied us together somewhat but not too tight, is just affirmed that they were Jedi around the same time. This is coming together nicely.
    Hey-o. Looked into it and I checked in on your post in the sign-up thread. I couldn't tell whether or not Lawn added you, so I've gone ahead and chucked your char on the roster as a Padawan for now. Personally, I don't mind that he's starting out fairly close to knighthood, but bear in mind that the current timeline's requirements for knighthood will still apply to you. You'll need to satisfy 'em before you can advance, but I doubt that'll take too long.
    I'm sorry if I offended you or something, but I was only wondering. You don't have to put a post on my wall just so you can reaffirm something I already read. I was just curious, that's all.
    Something like that, but the training guidelines have been changed a bit this time so there are other ways to advance as well. Not really sure though :P.
    Ya, I do have a Jedi who can train an apprentice but I'm a little swamped in RL right now so I don't think I'll be able to do a training thread. At least for another week or two. :(
    Trust me, we've been trying to make that happen but Jedi side has been ridiculously slow about responding. I can move the thread for you if you want. Which other planet do you prefer?
    The Will Of The Force is destroyed and doesn't exist anymore. Thought you oughta know >_>
    Hey man! Long time indeed. I've been on a semi-hiatus for a while as well but this place ultimately drags everyone back:P. Anyways, welcome back!
    Sure, set up a new thread (the old one's been archived) and I'll jump in with my new guy.
    Sure thing, only problem is that character of mine is no longer a Jedi. He left the Order and joined another faction. This guy is now my main and only Jedi. We can continue with him stepping in to finish your training.
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