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  • I'm updating the roster. Are you still using Taore? If you don't respond in a week, 2/18, I'll be removing him. Feel free to message me when you return if you'd like to use him.
    Alright I posted and I wrote up parts one and two with well the little tidbits added in for it.
    I am going to let Darius post before me we have a post order for the most part and that is good.
    I don't mind and Matsu's force leaps have always been further and higher. she is just a little over a hundred pounds everyone else is 50 pounds heavier then her usually.
    I was not but force flight is two thing and Matsu uses levitation and momentum from going up and down to go forward. Or just plain speed and a focus usually her ship to fly up to.
    yes we do and I might have a way beyond a wall off light to exorcise a force spirit. Might
    Yeah he could and I don't mind the idea right now I have a lot of threads that are set to take place before she leaves the jedi cause people want to get stuff done with her
    so I talked to Jiang and he said he wasn't sure if your idea would work but proposed making a thread in the past possibly between the battlemaster and Matsu. Just have to wait and talk with him after he has slept.
    and that works for me, I am in no hurry I just like having a time table for research in my head and lots of story can come from this. There is also the Matsu and Adonia since after this matsu does leave the order after they wrongly exile her padawan.
    Well I'll have to do some research tomorrow it is late and I have time we shouldn't get to it too soon. If we keep pace maybe a week per say I should have another way then. I hope
    I have to stop you right there, Wall of Light is not allowed to be used apparently according to the admins it is OP and can only be used in special cases which require review. I have been waiting for an answer for two months and just stopped after the reason for it kind of was exiled.
    no the shadow mission he called it an abomination.

    Everything that could go wrong did and the npcer was so terrible that he had to offer knighthood to the one person to actually go agaainst the jedi master giving the orders to which the other person getting something out of it also essentially wrote the jedi master off as failing to lead when they are getting attacked by zombies and she calls for a retreat.
    alright then it will be fun either way and I am looking forward to something good to wash the taste of as Jiang put it an abomination of a thread.
    Well right now they are in a cave exploring so unless we go into the one under matsu they aren't nearby. [mainly for my coordination] Matsu with hand to hand is very good and well her power with the force is strong. [her kung fu stronger then theirs... maybe] The rest of the crew well Junko is there and I am just looking to have some fun with her.
    Oh I see, what about my private army of NPCs Matsu has trained? Kidding actually the only ones she has exploring are RK-o7 and Fey.
    if your going to be on for a while I am working on my post. Just finally got out of Shadow and oh the sweet taste of freedom. Now for some damage just like the old days where Matsu had a number of threads going.
    side note this thread is before Matsu leaves the order and before judgement is decided on Lamia, she has made the threat of walking away should they exile her padawan for a stupid reason.
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