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& Daeva​
she/he — 17 — sephi — fs——

Ahriman (she/her) is a teenage sephi Sith acolyte possessed by a malicious spirit named Daeva (he/him). Driven not by her own desires, but another's, Ahri's future seems uncertain.

For PvP purposes, Ahriman and Daeva are considered one entity and are power level <1. Ahriman is 6' and weighs 130lbs. She is an acolyte of the Sith Order.

Ahri was the bastard child of a Sephi woman and her one-night stand with a curious off-worlder Sephi. No child was intended to result from this union, and if the woman had caught wind of the pregnancy early enough, it would have likely never culminated into the little Ahri who was born a year later. Ahri's mother despised her daughter and cursed her very birth. Curiously enough though, she was not abandoned. No, because her mother had been an orphan herself she refused to abandon her.

Despite this "noble deed" of her mother, Ahri often wished she had been sent off to an orphanage. Her early life was, to be crude, shit. Shortly after her fifteenth birthday, Ahri stowed away on a cargo ship leaving Thrusta and ran away from her home. Even to this day, as far as she knows, her mother never bothered to look for her.

Misfortune, ever too attached to let her off the hook so easily, struck yet again. The ship crash-landed, and in order to avoid being found out, Ahri was forced to shelter in the wild. This was where she found the ring, where she was left scarred, and where she became bound to a spirit named Daeva. It was because of this spirit that Ahri joined the Sith. He revealed her ability to control the Force and whispered promises of power to her, and though that sounded nice, she really just had no other idea where to go.

So join the Sith she did. Though yet to find her own motivations, she continues to train, easily swayed by the spirit that latched so tightly onto her.

Daeva, though he is not, has the likeness of a wolf-like creature. His limbs are much longer than a typical wolf, giving him an odd appearance. His fur is white, shaggy, and of medium length, and he has tall, triangular ears atop his head. Where his eyes used to be (or perhaps they never were) are instead two dark holes. Even when calm, Daeva's lips are curled back in a permanent snarl, and his fur is often bristled and hackles raised as if he is preparing to attack.

Of course, Daeva is not a physical creature, so he is only seen this way by Ahri. To anyone looking at her through the lenses of the Force, they will see the shapeless shadow of a darker presence around her, clinging to her left shoulder like a devil on her shoulder.

Ahriman knows little about Daeva, but is forced to listen to his insults, intrusions, and other random comments. In many ways, he is her opposite; where she is apathetic, he is passionate and aggressive. He constantly pushes her toward Sith ideals and stinks of the Dark Side.

Skills & training.
Ahriman speaks her native language, Sephi, as well as Galactic Basic and bits of ur-Kittât.

Agility. Though not particularly strong, Ahri is quite agile and has good reflexes.

Combat. She's had training, but Ahri is not particularly adept at any form of physical combat, such as a particular lightsaber form, etc. She has passable skills but prefers to utilize the Force to defend herself and take down others.

Weapons & Assets.
Lodging at some Sith academy

Family —
Ahriman's only living relative that she knows of is her mother, Eloise, whom she has not spoken to in years and has had no relationship with since running away. She does not remember the woman fondly.

Friends —
None </3
> NOTE <

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