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Made by Jedi. Made for you.

  • Information​

    ("EasyTech") is a startup corporation founded by Ezra Thorne, son of ISC President Emryc Thorne and Atlos founder Jaikus Thorne. EZTech is very new in the industry and specializes in innovative solutions for public use. The unique factor is that EZTech is marketed as a pro Jedi company with Ezra Thorne, its founder, as a Jedi himself.

    The vast amount of the proceeds of this company will go to the Jedi Order, the second chunk to pay for R&D and employees and lastly, Ezra Thorne will give himself a modest, fixed base salary.


    EZTech was founded when Ezra Thorne decided that he was not suited to be a Jedi in the traditional sense. Inspired by how the Empire had reinvented itself, he sought to do the same by contributing to the Jedi Order and bringing it positive support through means that would resonate with citizens across the galaxy. His hope is that EZTech becomes a known Jedi brand and raises awareness of the group to elevate its status across worlds.

    EZTech was founded using assets from Ezra's trust fund. He will not be taking it through an investment series to an IPO and plans to maintain it as a privately owned company for as long as possible. This ensures that he has full and ultimate say over the company and its direction.

    EZTech products will be designed for everyday use and focused on innovation and modernization.

  • Structure​

    Ezra serves as CEO and Chief Engineer. He has several sales rep and has manufacturing plants with general managers for each.


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To create another corporation under which to post tech submissions, tied to Ezra Thorne and the Jedi.

People other than me are welcome to make technology under this company's brand. Just tag me so I can update the product list!

TY to @Altaris for the logo

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