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Sep 3, 2023
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Karai Hekk-iv-Adas


► 18
► Sith Pureblood/Massassi Mainline
► 6'6
► 200lb
► Dark Yellow
► Black
► Korriban
► Male
► Sith Order
► Sith Acolyte
► Yes

Few details are known about Karai (pronounced Ka-rai) Hekk-iv-Adas, both because he is a private man, and not trusting many on the streets, and because he simply does not know the full details of his upbringing. Karai Hekk-iv- Adas was born to the House Lord Uryu Kallig iv-Adas, and a nobility within the Hekk house that still resides on Korriban during the Force Eternal Timeline. Karai was born to Svara Adas-iv-Hekk, his second wife.

With his firstborn son Trodai out of reach, Uryu sought other options to produce a heir that could be controlled or so he thought. But his mother being smart and intelligent, having seen what he had tried to do with Trodai, thought ahead and had him hidden. Given to a local noble family as she was within the markets one day, and promised them wealth for silence. Only they were never able to collect. Uryu Kallig iv-Adas soon found out about the betrayal and had her silently assassinated, along with the family when they refused to divulge anything as Karai watched from beneath the floor. And so he was left alone until another family Oni Tshik-iv-Zeti and his wife Xini Zeti-iv-Astvarada found him there among the bodies while searching for food and heard his cries. And so he begun a different life than was envisioned for him, one on the streets of the city of Ur instead of the palace. There as he grew he was forced to fight, scrap and run so he didn't starve to death as he avoided both guards and local vendors he stole from.

There as a youth after undertaking the Massassi Akoge as was tradition, even for the poor...and upon his return, he formed a small gang of loose allies, all cut throat and just as streetwise as him. Although on occasion he found himself caught and forced to fight in the arena against various dangerous wildlife or even sometimes massassi and kissai themselves earning freedom when he did. There he learnt to fight better and be ruthless, finding a knack for it as his power begun manifesting and he soon developed some of it as he delved and tapped further into it.

When the Sith Academy opened on Korriban, he saw a opportunity to see what he might be able to potentially steal, however the thought quickly left his mind when he saw some of what they did there while he was snooping around. Instead, he became fascinated by what he saw, at realising he held the same gift, and would often just look from the outside to see if he could learn something never imagining life might one day lead him there.


Karai is a Sith Pureblood. A Massassi of the direct mainline and born of royal nobility descended from the Adas and Hekk lineage and has 3 finger digits on each hand. The result of a merging of the bloodlines of an ancient Sith King Adas I who at one time united the Korriban houses millennia ago and the Hekk, an ancient house of Guerilla Warfare fighters. He is Force-Sensitive and is a Sith Acolyte in training. He is 18 years old and stands at 6'5, weighing 200lb. He has a interest in both men and women.

Karai has a violent temper if provoked, or pushed and won't hesitate to maim or kill any who would take what he has earnt. He is generally untrusting of others and views the galaxy with a almost carefree and cynical outlook having been raised on the streets after his Akoge. Where nothing was for granted and he had to steal to survive less he starve.

In some ways he shares the same xenophobic thoughts against most species, unless trust is earnt.

He is fearless and won't back down from a fight for most part unless he feels the odds have changed against him. He will happily stab you in the back of it means getting his next meal and yet respects those what would stand up to him, show greater ability or enjoy a good fight. Karai respects those more who know about street life, who understand what it's like to run from guards or be chased across roof tops after stealing from vendors since he was raised within the city of Ur streets, and yet he often wonders what palace life would be like. He is envious of them somewhat and a life that he wishes was his. Those who earn his loyalty and respect will find no better ally on the streets as he uses his wits, natural charm, good looks and ability to win over many.

In addition, Karai draws upon his natural affinity for the Dark Side, even if he isn't entirely sure where it comes from or why, helped by his race's natural symbiotic relationship with it.

His devotion to his friends and allies is only matched by his rage should you betray him. Harm his friends or those he loves and there is nowhere he would not hunt those responsible down, even if it means death. Like many of his race is polyamorous and open to relationships with both men or woman.

He is very ambitious and determined, seeking to raise himself from the gutter he finds himself in and hoping to reach the heights of those in the palace. He often looks up at the status of the king, Darth Arcanos with both envy and a warped sense of pride at what one may accomplish after hearing the stories about him and how he had risen to such heights on his own whims. The tale of the leviathan being of particular interest.


- Force-User: As a Sith Acolyte, Karai has a basic understanding of the Force. He has a natural affinity for Terrakinesis.

- Proficient Combatant: After spending several years on the streets of the city of Ur, and some in the arena, Karai has had to deal with his fair share of violence and developed into a competent combatant if sometimes unorthodox.

- Proficient Martial Artist: Karai is a killing machine, trained like all Massassi in the traditional martial arts of his people, either in the arena or picking up some techniques while on the streets.

- Ambidexterity: Equally adept with both the right and left hand when using most weapons he carries in them no matter what they are.

- Proficient Survivalist and Streetwise: Karai is proficient and well versed in survival tactics. Karai had honed his instincts and street smarts through years of navigating the treacherous alleys and underworld of the Korriban, City of Ur. He possesses an innate understanding of the criminal underworld there, knowing how to navigate its intricate webs of deception and betrayal. His upbringing has taught him to trust his instincts and trust no-one.

- Guerilla Warfare And Urban Tactics: Taught a variety of tactics both in the arena and on the streets, taught to teach him one to kill. Be that without the enemy ever knowing what hit them or if they do.

- Awareness: Can perceive his environment and what's going on around him. Just as many of his race his known to have very acute senses compared to the senses in Humans as well— particularly in his hearing.

- Endurance/Stamina: Years of 'conditioning' on the mean streets and being beaten by guards or rivals, has made Karai capable of taking large amounts of punishment that most would wince at.

- Adas Warlord: Has an affinity towards being a Warlord on account of his direct Adas mainline royal blood.

- Hekk Guerrilla Warfare: Has an affinity towards Guerrilla warfare on account of his direct Hekk mainline royal blood.

- Strength: Karai has a muscular frame and strength level on par with a top fighter and bodybuilder, easily capable of knocking out teeth or breaking noses. His physique is well toned despite his rough upbringing.

- Intellect: Karai is extremely cunning and can be quite manipulative, using his intelligence to keep himself alive on the deadly streets of the city of Ur.


Wood carving: Karai enjoys carving wooden figurines using whatever he can his hands on at the time.

Singing: He also enjoys singing, finding it helps soothe in moments alone at night or on the streets.

Bacta Patches
A99 Aquata breather
Compressed air Grappling spike launcher
DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol
Lightsaber (red blade)
Korribani Light Schimitar Sword - Taken from a guard after a altercation
12x Throwing knives
Combat vibroknife


Chapter 1: The Chronicles of a Sith Acolyte

    • Malevolent Persona ― A prank and Red Notice assignment hunting a stolen artefact, leads to the unexpected and a potential ally. ― • Ongoing
    • Ghosts Of The Past ― Karai joins Sith Champion, Cheriss Ktrame on a tomb raiding adventure to the tomb of the long dead Brotherhood of Darkness Sith, Kas'im and encounters unexpected trials. ― Completed
    • [Drexel]The Dragons Roar - Sith Master, Vossari Khaldun enlists Karai aid along with Sith Champion Ayomi to attempt to form an alliance with sentient, aquatic dragons who can use magic by toppling the human colonists that live on the surface. - On Hold
    • I Will Show You Wonders - Karai encounters the Sephi, Acolyte Chasdrym Tlin'yth upon Korriban and takes them on a tour of another city among the dunes to gain some new perspective. - On Hold
    • To the Happy Brides and the Groom! - Karai attends the celebrations after the wedding, encountering faces both familiar and new as something unexpected happens and he finds himself challenged to an ancient rite resulting in a draw between them. - Completed
    • Third Time is The Harm - Karai is assigned to assist an independent contractor, the droid Naxa with kick starting a Clone Wars era factory on Mustafar in exchange for some of the droids. - Completed
    • Reach Heaven Through Violence - Karai attends a duel between two Sith Champions and meets his king for the first time in person properly as well as having to deal with a pair of troublesome loth-cats. - Completed
    • Finding a Way - Karai assists the Sith Master, Caerllion of Cynfos with taking care of some pirates at Mount Tantiss. - Ongoing
    • Go Punish Some Rogue Sith - Karai assists the Pureblood Hybrid, Acolyte Xyrin Davarok with taking down a rogue Sith. - Ongoing
    • Laying The Path - Karai requests the assistance of the Sith Champion and mercenary, Cerberus in acquiring some Force-Sensitive slaves. Children that are the disparaged and forgotten and young adult crooks who will build the foundation of his future followers. - Ongoing
    • Ziost: The Final Push - Karai heads to Ziost after his king, Arcanos requests assistance from all Sith who can in a final push of the planet that would enable him to become Emperor of the Stygian Caldera. - Ongoing
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