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Dec 3, 2011
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A Life Day Special


For SWRP's December event, @llamallove has written up a series of six thread prompts for anyone to enjoy! It's become an event because, frankly, these ideas are genius.

The top 6 missions are first come first serve UNLESS they say (repeatable) next to them, but there are also more repeatable writing prompts anyone can do on any world! They are all Life Day related so please show holiday spirit with Life Day somewhere in the header of your thread! All factions are welcome to participate and everything is death disabled by default! Adapt/adjust the missions or prompts however you like. DM/Self-DM as you wish, roll as you wish. Most importantly, have fun!

No one will be approving/reviewing sign-ups, so please find folks and get these kicking on your own time!



Prompt #1: Grandma Got Run Over by a Rodian (Repeatable)

A young man wants you to look into the mysterious death of his grandmother, an elderly woman reportedly run over by a Rodian late one night as she was walking home from a family Life Day party. Family members in attendance that night admit that Grandma had been throwing back eggnog steadily throughout the evening but adamantly claim she could hold her eggnog well. Oddly enough, the poor woman's husband appears to be unfazed by the unfortunate accident, and in the words of his own grandson has been "taking this so well, drinking Silver Stare and playin' cards." The grandson wants you to track down and catch the Rodian responsible for his grandmother's sudden death, but did the Rodian really run this Grandmother down or is there more to it than that? It's up to you to find out!


Prompt #2: I Saw Mommy Kissing Emryc Thorne

A young girl claims to have seen her mother kissing the ISC President himself, Emryc Thorne, and the girl's father—a wealthy Coruscanti socialite—wants you to find out if his wife is really cheating on him. A likely story, right? Hardly! Regardless, he'll pay you handsomely for answers, and you could use the money. He doesn't care what methods you use in your investigation, so long as you're discreet and bring him answers and proof to back it up. However, as you're trailing the wife and following leads all over the lower levels of Coruscant, you start to realize that there is much more to this investigation than an affair. Is it an Emryc Thorne lookalike? Is it really the ISC President himself? Or is there a far more sinister plot at play?


Prompt #3: You're a Mean One, Mr. Grouch

The small city of Whereville sits peacefully within a valley on the planet of Hoth. Surrounded by snowcapped mountains and crystallized glaciers, the citizens of Whereville live a quiet, simple life, and that is the way they like it. They don't ordinarily encounter visitors, but for you they are willing to make an exception. For decades the city of Whereville has been terrorized by a malefactor simply known as The Grouch, an old miser that lives atop one of the mountains that surrounds the sleepy little village. Every year on Life Day, The Grouch descends from his lair to terrorize the citizens of Whereville—stealing from them, breaking into their homes in the dead of night, chasing young Whereville maidens, destroying public property, and absconding with their livestock. The locals describe him as a wild creature— completely out of his mind! A mild-mannered people, the citizens of Whereville want you to ascend the mountain and put an end to this nightmare once and for all. Their description of The Grouch is terrifying—large and green, with inhuman strength and unnatural abilities, but they have faith in you. Use whatever means necessary—persuasion or brute force and anything in between. Life Day is approaching, and you are their only hope!

(the above picture is a drawing provided to you by a local Whereville child...take its accuracy with a grain of salt...)


Prompt #4: Let it Snow!

Mygeeto, the Outer Rim planet locked in an eternal ice age. Not many sentient species can survive its harsh and merciless environment, but there are a handful of villages that lie scattered across the planet's sunken surface. One of these villages is desperately in need of your help after a group of raiders intercepted their last shipment of supplies. The marauders stole everything from foodstuffs to Life Day presents intended for the village children. It's up to you to deliver this second batch of supplies and presents safely to the small village, but it won't be easy. You must traverse the hazardous planet of Mygeeto, making your way through ice canyons, knee-deep snow, and jagged mountains—all during a blizzard! The raiders are still out there somewhere, too, and they might be waiting to ambush you. Will you be able to survive these threats and save Life Day in time? The children are counting on you!


Prompt #5: The Man With the Bag

As if Nar Shadda didn't already have a bad enough reputation, now children have been disappearing off the streets of Hutta Town, there one moment and gone the next. Snatched. Taken. Their disappearances are puzzling to say the least, especially considering the odd circumstances of each disappearance. Local law enforcement is baffled and at a loss, and parents are terrified to let their children leave the house. Fear grips the city, and every parent wonders if their child will be next. The word on the street is that "The Man with the Bag" is responsible, and it's up to you to find out. Will you be able to solve the mystery and reunite these missing children with their families before Life Day? Or is it too late?


Prompt #6: Up On the Housetop (Repeatable)

A sudden snowstorm has driven you to take shelter within an abandoned lodge nestled deep within the countryside, and you're not alone. Others join you, also caught unawares by the storm. Unbeknownst to you, however, this lodge and the surrounding woods have long been at the center of local folk stories. An uneasy feeling settles over you, as if you're being watched. Suddenly, you begin to hear noises, and they're coming from above you. Click. Click. Click. Is something tapping on the roof? Dust and snow fall down through the chimney, as if disturbed by something moving around on the rooftop. Who among you will be brave enough to venture out into the cold and see just what's up on the housetop?

General Writing Prompts
  • I’ll be Home for Life Day
    • Travelling the Galaxy is a hectic thing at the best of times but these days it’s even worse! Between warring factions, crime families and Force knows what else, travellers with extra credits are hiring anyone and everyone they can to ensure they can make it home for Life Day! Pick your escort mission target and see them safely through space or city to their home.
  • Jedi with your blade so bright, won’t you guide my ship tonight?
    • Jedi and Sith only
    • A local man has been charged with taking a ship full of donated gifts for orphaned children through a space anomaly. Instruments are useless within the maelstrom and only the Force can guide the ship in time to not disappoint the children. Will a Jedi answer a call or a Sith? He’s honestly not fussy despite his proclivity for making naughty lists.
  • Upon a One Turbine Sled
    • No Sith or Jedi (Force Doping is tested for these days don’t you know)
    • There might not be Hutts in direct control of Tatooine anymore but even the ISC can’t fully stop them attempting to corrupt the most hallowed of sports… Podracing! In a blatant attack on the integrity of the sport, Hutt agents have given almost every racer some form of food poisoning, leaving only their sponsored racers ready to race! Show them a true Life Day miracle and beat them at their own game – and provide entertainment for middle-aged fathers around the Galaxy, drunk and full on the sofa after Life Day dinner!
  • Delivery with a Blue Smile
    • Chiss entrepreneur, Je’fftr’anothr’an Bee’zthso, prides himself on making deliveries in time for Life Day even on Life Day Eve. Which makes the worker’s strike on board his biggest distribution space station an absolute disaster! Their outrageous demands for a ‘living wage’ and ‘bathroom breaks’ are holding up deliveries and ruining Life Day for millions around the Galaxy – end the strike however you like but the deliveries must flow!
  • Deck the Halls with Boughs of Reeksa
    • Someone has blundered. The city's yearly Life Day celebration is always marked with incredible plants being brought in from around the galaxy to compliment the incredible tree in the town square. Unfortunately, the intern ordered the wrong type of plant to be delivered and now man-eating Reeksa have taken over the planet square and its surrounding buildings. Find a way to undo this horrible mistake before someone else is hurt!
  • Rockin’ Around the Wroshyr Tree
    • Citizens from all around the galaxy are flocking over to Kashyyyk for Life Day and the festivities. Many Wookiee chieftains are hosting feasts and challenges for visitors to test their chops against the harsh and unforgiving planet. Visitors have a chance to impress the local chiefs by going out to hunt a beast on Kashyyyk and bringing back a part of it as a trophy to present as a Life Day gift! This could be an opportunity to make friends with the local leaders and perhaps gain some influence!

OOC Note: All of the above missions are open to everyone, regardless of your faction. All factions are welcome to sign up! They're simple prompts for entertainment purposes only, so take them in any direction you'd life. DM/Self-DM as you wish, roll as you wish. Most importantly, have fun!

  • This event is DEATH DISABLED by default.
  • Thread title should fit the prompt
  • The OP must include a link back to this announcement, ideally large and noticeable.
  • Put 'Life Day' in the title!

  • Repeatable: General writing prompts and missions marked 'Repeatable' in the title can be used by as many people as wanted! There are 7 repeatable prompts and 4 unique.
  • Any faction can participate in any of these!
  • Feel free to DM story staff. @Mr. Teatime is helping oversee this stuff.
  • @llamallove did the format, wrote the original six story prompts, and made all the images! All credit to her for the event.

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@Anig'zagut for Up on the Housetop
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Can I please DM Je’fftr’anothr’an Bee’zthso?