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  • That's a good idea, actually. Earning credits. You could maybe write up some missions, PM them to me so I can check em out, then put a "reward" segment at the bottom. Though we'll have to put "donation", since Matukai don't accept pay for their services.
    Glad to hear it man. When something comes up, I let ya know. I'm working on my profiles for the most part, atm
    Lol, and that works for me, the village being small and isolated will serve my idea well. I'll get the thread up soon, it won't have that much on the actual village, just Jade and Jaleer's arrival, that way you can set the scene of the village so to speak.
    Any chance you'd be interested in turning our little training thread into a story one? I have this awesome idea but I don't want to spoil it for you. Basically I'm thinking Jaleer contacts Jade to help him go back to his home village on Ryloth where people have been disappearing but show up a few days latter nearly dead. Jade and Jaleer work together to heal those who have been attacked and come to figure out that it's the work of some sort of Dark Sider. Then they work together to discover this person and bring them to the village for justice. Kind of like a witch hunt, which is ironic since I actually practice modern witchcraft IRL.
    I'll get it up in about an hour, that's typically how long it takes me to write up a post. Also thats pretty cool, having the former Grandmaster as your master, perhaps you could convince Ebberla to say hello to Jade? She'd start crying and properly hug Ebb, but Jade has some hard questions for Ebb as well so I'm not sure if she'd agree to a meeting just yet.
    Hey, what all did you want to learn? I was thinking of throwing in a few non-healing abilities such as Force Blinding and Force of Will since you said your going for a sage type Jedi. I'd also recommend looking into seeking training from Murielle Oe and Sionann Ione, both of whom are skilled in the more sage type abilities, more so than Jade.
    Sorry for being slow, I will get to your post and Emily's before bed. School and all.
    That works, I like that planet and have yet to do a thread there so I'm down. Since the site is about to be down for a couple hours I'm gonna go finish a thread I've been working on posting. When the site's back up I can start our training thread if you'd like.
    Sure, I'm actually going to be posting an OOC thread offering one-on-one training threads covering a wide range of healing oriented techniques, not all of which are technically healing abilities, but they go well alongside the others. I would offer classes like I did in the past, but classes tend to die off.
    Sure, no problem. She can teach him how to sense another person's or creature's wounds and illnesses if you'd like, it's a mix of Force Healing and Force Sense, she can also teach him how to speed the healing process in both himself and another through meditation, and Jade could also teach him how to aid in the recovery of mental illness as well, which is sort of a mix between Force Empathy and Cleanse Mind. Personally, I see it all as part of Force Healing, just with specialized techniques.
    I think i'm going to take him somewhere for interrogation and a very interesting social thread :P if ya know what i mean
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