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Apr 24, 2023
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feifi candorus​
(/fay - fee/ /can - dorus/)

Age. 20
Species. concordian human / dathomirian zabrak (nightsister) hybrid
Gender. female
Faction. Sith (Apprentice)
Rank. 0
Homeworld. unknown (she doesn't truly know)
Height. 64 in.
Weight. 143.6 lbs
Skin color. pale
Hair color. white with black tips
Eye color. green
Languages. basic, mando'a
FS? fs yes

...B I O G R A P H Y​


"Aliit ori'shya tal'din" that is when feifi, or as she is lovingly called by her father, "cin vhetin" knew life truly had began, she doesn't remember most of her early childhood, not that it's important to her, she does remember the hatred she has for her past family, who had used her as a drug mule for the local gang, how she was found out, shot in her back, and left to die in a alley like a rat, she remembers the brilliant flash of a orange saber, slicing men apart, the gentle hand extending to her shuddering body, the warmth of armor being pushed against her as she was lifted, her return to health and the truth she received..

ever since her father's death, feifi has focused on becoming the best she possibly can. every day, feifi is growing stronger, every day, feifi is becoming a more dangerous duelist, feifi has the potential in the force to surpass her adoptive father, cremek, in almost every way, but she lacks control, in fact, feifi is already starting to show signs of such, with her recent achievement of besting a jedi on verona in single combat, She is a prime specimen for lightsaber combat, and is overall just brimming with potential.

given her fathers execution many years ago now, feifi is now the lone heir of her father's deadly lightsaber form, Kaedeesh, and while her knowledge on form 8 trakata is not the same level as her father, she continues to grow more knowledgeable every day, studying her fathers grimoire, a master from beyond the grave

Thanks largely to her mandalorian upbringing, feifi often finds gender roles and constructs confusing, when it comes to sexual desire, feifi prefers men, yet is willing to date and even marry a female if they match her tastes.


...A S S E T S + I N V E N T O R Y

  • - her assassin armor
    - clan crest of the twins
    - her lightsaber gauntlets (usually concealed)
    -two sabers,claimed from a defeated jedi, left in their original state besides bleeding of their crystals, able to be combined into a singular double bladed saber.

  • -
    - cremeks grimoire
    - innate skill :
    feifi is innately skilled in manipulating objects with the force, as well as lightning.
    feifi also has an innate, if untapped proficiency in sorcery.

...R E L A T I O N S H I P S + F A M I L Y

  • ▪ ()
    darth tempest - dark lord: absolutely is enamoured with her power, wishes to emulate her.
  • ▪ — ( )

  • ▪ — ( )
    Hauron Solus - rally master: Blames him for her fathers death. (will attack on sight if she can)
    Ayomi jakarta - sith champion: feifis former master, took feifis arm, concordian angy now >:(

  • ▪ cremek — (adoptive father - dead )

    ▪ rue tepmuart — adoptive aunt (alive)

...T H R E A D S​

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