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March 1st, 2021

Site Changes & Information · Story Spotlight · State of the Galaxy



Hello there, welcome to the March 2021 newsletter!

Some Changes

There are some small changes. First archiving rules have changed to where you can only archive characters that are dead, we are not archiving characters if you don't want to use them any more. As there are no character slots, if you do not wish to roleplay a character you can always put it on a shelf, and create more characters if you desire. And who knows, maybe you'll want to revisit that character. If you have any questions about this change, please ask a staff member or ask in #help-desk on Discord.

Galactic Senate!

The Galactic Senate is officially live! You can find its write-up here in the approved NPC Organizations section, which has the details and structure as to how the Galactic Senate will function in the roleplay. Players can now also make Governors for Independent Systems Consortium as well as New Republic or FWA Senators and represent their world in the Galactic Senate.

General Time Update
  • It is now 106 years after the Battle of Exegol, we are in 141 ABY (After Battle of Yavin).
Please be aware that in general time is fluid on SWRP.

Story Spotlight

Formation of the Galactic Senate

In a live holonet broadcast seen across the Galaxy, by the suggestion of one Emryc Thorne (secretly @Darth Raze ), the face of Galactic politics was forever changed. The Galactic Senate encompasses the FWA, the New Republic which is now seperated from the FWA, the newborn Independent Systems Consortium and the Jedi Order and binds them together in an overarching government that does not infringe upon their independent rights of self-governance and direction.

By the letter of the agreement as it stands, new worlds and collections may seek to join the Galactic Senate but as it stands, the decision was made to keep initial representation smaller to keep the Senate more streamlined. How this will affect the relationships between the ISC, the FWA, the Jedi Order and the New Republic remains to be seen, with rumored talks of a FWA military raising tension and many more questions.

The Real Truth Revealed at Ajan Kloss

It hasn't been too long since the Sith first came to Ajan Kloss, defiled it and slaughtering scores of Jedi indiscriminately. After two ex-Jedi (@Oren Zapan and @Nara Allam) came to Ajan Kloss, other Jedi (@Vinry Forge @Algus Doll @Lani Tallis) started coming back to revisit the temple scarred with the power of the dark side. But it didn't take long for the Sith (@Darth Raze @Darth Stolas @Wiley Winnz @Darth Andruil) and other parties (@Curse @Eisa Wex @Xian ) to come either.

At the end of the struggle, while Oren and Nara disappeared to whereabouts unknown, the Jedi were defeated in a fighting against the Sith. Ships were destroyed, Vinry’s hand was sliced off, and one of them fell to the dark side. Not only that, Renfry empowered the curse, strengthening it even more. And Darth Raze made sure that his name was known, and spared the Jedi to tell them what had happened and to remember him.

““I am Darth Raze. Take a good look. Remember every detail. This is the story you will tell the Jedi. This is the nightmare you will describe. You will let them know that it is real. You will let them know it is here. You will let them know that it is not going away. You will let them know that it will wait for them. For the dark is generous, and it is patient and it always wins.”“

And to add to the Jedi’s troubles, the Sith recovered data from an astromech droid from a Jedi X-Wing...
A special shoutout to @Xian for making a fabulous map for this pvp. Please hire Xian for your map needs!

State of the Galaxy

The AMS Outbreak!

The AMS virus has been taking the galaxy by storm since the battle on Nar Shaddaa. As no antidote or vaccine was made, the virus would continue to ravage across the galaxy, turning people into mindless zombies, who bite others and spread this virus. There are a low percentage on most worlds, from the Outer Rim to the Core Worlds. There are some hotspots however, notably along the trade-routes from Nal Hutta.

Nal Hutta: 31% infected
Rorak 4: 70% infected
Nar Shaddaa: 55% infected
Toydaria: 40% infected
Tol Amn: 90% infected
Keldooine: 59% infected
Irith: 64% infected
Nixor: 95% infected
Randon: 61% infected
Ubrikkia: 89% infected
New Apsolon: 76% infected
Deysum III: 90% infected
Coachelle Prime: 43% infected
Utapau: 95% Infected
Bothawui: 30% Infected

Even though for the part planets like Utapau and Nixor have staggering infection rates, there will hold outs of survivors. If nothing is done to curb the pandemic soon, the toll will be greater...

The Jedi

The Jedi Order is left reeling in the wake of the decision by a group of Padawans to attend Ajan Kloss and even its later purification has come at a high cost for both individuals involved and internal confidence within the Order as a whole. In light of recent events, the newly bolstered Jedi Council lays out several mandates in an attempt to regulate behavior amongst Jedi of all ranks.

Efforts within the Order to regain one of their lost Temple worlds, Ossus, have begun, spearheaded by younger members of the Order keen to recover lost honor and better themselves. While in slightly less overt news, internal murmurings have it that the Jedi Shadows may soon be set for a return to service.

But on the bright side of things, the Jedi are not giving up their mission to the galaxy, as they are looking at reactivating Haven-class Medical Stations to provide better health care for the people of the galaxy.

The Jedi have bolstered their defenses for their main world Yavin 4, so if any aggressors come, they will be better prepared.

Sector Rangers

The Sector Rangers have launched an in depth investigation into Senator Soygun York of Kattada! The Senator had been accused of leaking information from a closed hearing of politicians along with corruption, bribery, and graft. A broad investigation has been opened to get to the bottom of these claims, procure evidence should any be found, and bring the truth to light. The Rangers have already raided the Senator’s office on Coruscant and began working with local authorities on Kattada to look into the financial dealings of the family. What this means for politics of the Galaxy remains to be seen.

The Kattada Senator didn't take kindly to this however, as he addressed all that after it happened in a press conference while on bail. And then the Sector Ranger chief made a response as a rebuttal.

Captain @Roland Rook has begun searching for Sith outposts beyond the Sith Empire’s claimed territory. The Mandalorian’s patrol craft along with automated drone barges have been dispatching probes to worlds such as Dathomir and Ajan Kloss to determine the true extent of Sith infiltration into the wider galaxy.

The Sith

The Sith have been expanding, but there seems to be no end to the Sith spreading their influence as they capture more territory. With an incursion spearheaded by Darth Raze and Renfry backed by soldiers and heavy droids, Renfry became the Queen of Dathomir. Renfry, now known as Darth Andruil is leading the Sith expansion efforts into Felucia.

Darth Ceryx is leading an onslaught to subjugate the people of Ellora, an ancient Jedi World in the fringes of known space with ruined Jedi temples.

The reclamation into old historic Sith space is still going well, as @Darth Malicia is leading an expedition to reclaim Korriban, Ziost, and Dromund Kass, the ancestral heart of Sith space. Moraband has been successfully reclaimed, the lost temples and other historic sites that have been left to the ages for a thousand years are now back under the banner of the Sith Order.

Curiously, the Eternal, the reigning Dark Lord of the Sith has summoned Darth Raze to this throne, intent on questioning about his dealings in the senate with them none the wiser.

Five Syndicates

The Five Syndicates are continuing their attempts to expand their influence in the Core and the newly formed Galactic Senate. While skirmishes between their members and the Sector Rangers are becoming increasingly more frequent than ever, there's seems to be no stopping the syndicate's reach yet.

On Coruscant the ambitious @Tacitus Agrippa has managed to bring the Lower Five into the fold, further emboldening the syndicates to act openly within FWA space, while they are so comfortable ruling their Rim-operations that there always seems to be cause for parties on planets like Eriadu and Nar Shaddaa. Rumors suggest that the individual called Spicelord, the one who slew dozens of Jedi aggressors in his valiant defense of the Kessel spice mines, has backed the Zaa Fenn in their less than subtle quest to reinvent the spice trade and lines into the Galactic Core.

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