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May 5, 2023
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Trael Osso-Drast


Species — Human
Age — 26
Sex — Male
Height — 6'4"
Weight — 285
Hair Color — Blonde
Eye Color — Blue
Faction — Sith order
Role — Warrior
Rank — Master
Power — 2 (Pyrokinesis level 3)

Trael was born to a middle class family in Theed. During his adolescence he begin showing signs of the force though his parents hid it so they wouldn't lose their only child. Before his teen years he lost control of his "powers" as he called them at the time burning his house down.

This caught the attention of a Sith that was on the planet doing reconnaissance for the order. She came to Trael and took him under her wing both raising him and training. Although his master was more focused on the mysteries of the force Trael took to lightsaber fighting quickly. He learned the basics and a few of the more advanced force powers but wasn't particularly intrigued by them as he was in the master of his lightsaber dueling.

That was until after he became a champion he realized that sidelining the force wasn't the way to power or dominance. He ran into many tribulations because of this and for most of his time as a champion has been attempting to rectify this error in his earlier judgment.

During his tenure as a champion Trael had many failures and successes. He acquired ownership over a gem mining company, fought in multiple battles against Jedi and Abominations, and even discovered a harrowing truth he’d forgotten, he was a Drast. Through all of this he forged some bonds with other Sith, some friendly others not so much. The strongest and most important of them was the one he formed with Azar Kressh, which started at a party he threw that had multiple turns and consequences that followed every Sith that attended.

His bond with Azar continued to grow and develop till he was someone Trael couldn’t live without. His coronation as Sith master changed everything. A rival was killed, a bond was changed, and Trael was on the brink of breaking. While he may have cracked and dropped to his knees, like he always does Trael got back up. Now he plans to leave his mark on the galaxy, he’d said many things as a champion, made many promises, now he was going to make all of it a reality.

  • Lightsaber

  • Full ownership of the Subterrel Gem mining corp
    Full ownership of the Ur-diamond Mine
    Daimyoship of Kessel


  • Crisis on Verona ― A group of sith faced off against jedi and independent forces on Verona ― • Completed
  • Team Building Exercise ― Sith hunt for Arkanian Dragon eggs ― • Failed
  • Whispers of Praikith ― A group of sith infiltrate an old temple and take down a force entity unleashed within ― • Completed
  • Twisted Temple Trick ― A group of sith face off against jedi on Kashyyyk and are forced to retreat ― • Completed
  • Searching Skako ― Assisting a fellow sith in the acquisition of a droid factory ― • Completed
  • Making Inroads ― Gained partial ownership of a mining corp on Subterrel. Also inadverdantly lead to destablizing Zygerria ― • Completed
  • That's Ur-Diamond ― Assisted a fellow sith in gaining control over a diamond mine ― • Completed
  • Know Thyself ― Dueled an Abomination of raze to a draw ― • Ended
  • Consolidating Resources ― Trael fails his initial attempt at fully owning the mining corp ― • Failed
  • Tracking Sleeping Beauty ― A date gone wrong ― • Completed
  • The Sith are Back in Town ―Trael throws a party for the Sith ― • Completed
  • An Odd Awakening ― Tracked down a holocron and delved through the temple it unlocked. Discovered he was a Drast. ― • Completed
  • Consolidating Resources 2 ― Gained full control of the mining corp on Subterrel ― • Completed
  • Buying Time for a Sleeping Dragon ― Defended Kessel from an Imperial raiding force ― • Completed
  • Using a Failure to Create Success ―Trael orchestrated a deal between the Sith and Rothana Heavy Engineering. Gets betrayed and thrown in prison ― • Completed
  • Egg hunt ― Went on a successful hunt for dragon eggs on Sullust ― • Completed
  • Consolidating Resources 3 ― Begun to gain a foothold on Dromund Kaas ― • Completed
  • Tarantular Frostbite ― Oversaw a detention mission of an Acolyte ― • Completed

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