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Dec 19, 2019
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she/her — arkanian offshoot — 20 years — sith champion — fs

Ambrosia is an arkanian offshoot (of a varied genetic makeup) and a member of the Sith Order. She is not too particularly short or tall at roughly 5'5", and she weighs about 100 lbs. She has a thin, almost fragile-looking frame, with large doe-eyes, pouty lips, and porcelain skin.

Her public persona, Delphine Ahn, is a charitable, religious woman serving charity to the poor on Zeltros.

Ambrosia was born on Arkania to a very wealthy, very influential family in the pristine capital of the planet. The family's children had access to the best educations, had want for nothing, and grew up with childhoods full of wealth and prosperity. Unfortunately for Ambrosia, she was not an Arkanian - she was an Arkanian pet.

Like many Arkanian-offshoots, Ambrosia was born not out of love or marriage, but as the result of the genetic material of two parents she would never meet. Her masters wanted a toy for their children, and thus, a little, nameless girl was brought to life. Her earliest memory is from when she was eleven, maybe twelve years old, standing still as a statue while the children of her masters dressed her up and made her over. With her big doe-eyes, pouty lips, and porcelain skin, it was exactly what the child had been bred to do. She was quiet, demure, and always obedient. She never complained, and she never uttered a single word that wasn't asked of her first.

But beneath her silence and obedience was a seed, and the older and older the pretty little girl grew, the more and more that seed germinated and grew through the cracks of her concrete psyche. Her sleep grew restless as her nightmares became filled with cries for freedom amidst shackles, longing for something she'd never known. Her nightmares turned into dreams come true when she stepped off that ship, clothes soaked with warm red blood.

Adjusting to life was difficult for the teen, and it would be no surprise that she found herself melting into the ranks of the Sith. She found herself as an acolyte, finding purpose in the Force she learned to wield, and finally being able to decide who she was. Her name was Ambrosia, and she would be Sith. And when the Sith were cast out, she followed them like a dog.

Skills & training.
Though her days as an acolyte were cut short, Ambrosia took to learning quite well, and possesses most of the basic skills and abilities champions should have.

Painting. Various instruments.

Weapons & Assets.
Ambrosia does not own a lightsaber or any Sith memorabilia. All the weapons she carries are legal.

Stun baton. M3 stun pistol. Armor. Other gear and weapons will otherwise be mentioned.

Communication device. Datapad. Unbled kyber crystal.


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