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September 1st, 2021

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Summer is almost over isn't it? Hopefully we have some cooler weather coming this way before too long. No site-wide announcements for last month, but enjoy the newsletter anyway

General Time Reminder
  • It is now 109 years after the Battle of Exegol, we are in 144 ABY (After Battle of Yavin).
Please be aware that in general time is fluid on SWRP.

Story Spotlight

Story Spotlight

Fires of Firrerre

A great rend in space-time had opened up overhead and poured out a fleet of warships from across the universe. Like Hell itself came ripped its way into realspace, fire rained down in waves through the atmosphere of the still wild and oceanic planet. Family homes burst into flaming shrapnel, their occupants rendered to ash or buried in the rubble. Places of work were wiped completely from blackened earth by superweapons with only scorched craters where they'd stood.

Civilians ran panicked in the street and snarling at the sky. The Sith had come to Firrerre and they were not here to conquer this time.

When the Sith fleet under @Darth Raze came in orbit above the Firrerro homeworld and move in position, they would rain fire down upon it. Before too long cities were in rubble, vibrant lands became ash, dust, and glass, and many perished. With how the Sith came in there was no way anyone could have intervene for the remote system, the planetary defenses were no match for the Sith onslaught.

Firrerre was burning
Nothing and no one could help
Fallen unto dust

This glassing sparked tons of outrage, the holonet was ablaze as media covered the story, with the reactions of many politicians and media outlets. Many expressed sympathy and were sending ships and medical personnel to locate and tend to any survivors.

This would end up setting up events where tensions would rise in the galaxy between the Sith, the Free Worlds Alliance, and the Republic, with all parties clashing against each other. Right now the Republic with Supreme Chancellor @Emil Ro has has sent a fleet to the sith-occupied Denon in retaliation. Satellites would be shot down and 'military' and other strategic sites would be bombarded from orbit. This was condemned by the Senator of Lothal @Cal Starros and by the FWA Prime Minister @Naeva Rue for bombarding a FWA World and putting scores of FWA citizens on the ecumenopolis in the line of fire and enforcing a blockade over it.

Not only that, the Sith Councilor @Darth Andruil retracted her offers of peace and the olive branch and pledged war after the Sith were driven off Feluica by the Free Worlds in tandem with the Jedi and the bombarding and blockade of Denon

State of the Galaxy

The AMS Outbreak

Nal Hutta: 51% infected
Rorak 4: 79% infected
Nar Shaddaa: 76% infected
Toydaria: 61% infected
Tol Amn: 98% infected
Keldooine: 91% infected
Kwenn: 27% infected
Irith: 79% infected
Nixor: 99% infected
Randon: 71% infected
Ruusan: 42% infected
Ubrikkia: 95% infected
New Apsolon: 90% infected
Deysum III: 97% infected
Coachelle Prime: 53% infected
Utapau: 100% Infected
Bothawui: 11% Infected
Kashyyyk: 33% infected
Boz Pity: 13% infected
Lannik: 14%
Gamorr: 13%
Sneeve 11%
Saleicami 9%
Boonta: 11%

The Jedi

The Battle of Felucia is finished, and the Sith are driven off the world. The Jedi, Rangers, and Sith locked in a desperate battle for the jungle world. With the recent Holonet broadcast of the Queen of Dathomir, the outcome of the contest may have wide ranging impacts on galactic diplomacy. The Jedi push their advantage but the Sith are not to be discounted.

Galactic politics are changing rapidly with the election of a New Supreme Chancellor. Jedi Councilor @Alexandria Voran recently began negotiating an alliance with Chancellor @Emil Ro, the Jedi, and the New Republic. In that same vein, the Jedi Council has recently convened to chart the course of the Order. The Council has not met fully since the deaths of the Grandmaster, @Maxims Tionson and @Talak Rand rocked the Order.

While parts of the Order prepare for peace, others prepare for war. Jedi Master Yvain, with permission of the Council, has strengthen the military arm of the Jedi. Jedi Masters @Yvain, @Alexandria Voran, @Vahn Berand, @Drow Venn, Jedi Knight @Jaesa Valerin, and Padawans @Drastus Drahr, @Toa Tajudu, @Sace Vsil, @Lani Tallis all played a vital role in further securing the Orders flexibility in the fight to come.

The Sith

Things in the Sith have become most tumultuous indeed. Shortly after an olive branch was offered by @Darth Andruil to the rest of the galaxy the Eternal itself arrived at Dathomir. They and Andruil fought to the death and in the end, the latter came out victorious. Claiming the Eternal's position, Andruil met with others before calling a meeting to decide the fate and focus of the Sith Order.

With support of Andruil and @Darth Stolas, Artorigas Wessex has become @Darth Caelestis. Now he works to expand his holding near Exegol and forge a true kingdom. Efforts continue in Old Sith Space to empower industry for the wars ahead.

Efforts to aggressively expand territory in the south are ongoing. Even the planet of Mustafar is looking to be reclaimed. Two marauders have gone to explore the Chiss Ascendency, although they are unwelcome guests.

In the wake of Darth Andruil's ascension she must work to unite them behind her cause. Failure is not an option and risks a Sith civil war. Only time will tell if she can succeed.

Five Syndicates

The Five Syndicates has been quiet for a while, but now the Crymorah Syndicate leader @Preef Callo has returned and posted another episode of Crimewatch News!

The galaxy's fastest and most deadliest gunslinger made an opportunity for anyone looking to become a “Legend of Shaddaa’ Their apparent target is Durr the Hutt, the one who is responsible for the AMS plague sweeping the galaxy. If Durr is knocked off, killed or captured, that would be a huge boon.

Sector Rangers

With Felucia free of the Sith, the Sector Rangers are looking to head efforts to stabilize the planet and bring it into the Free Worlds.

Next there is the submit to discuss the future of the Sector Rangers. Previously the Sector Rangers were firmly a part of the Free Worlds back when the Republic was a part of it. But with the split Senators of Fondor and New Alderaan @Jin Vaisra and @Nicolas Clément respectively are arguing and Rangers @Kanan Marek and @Bast Emblai there as well

The Galactic Senate

Changes come thick and fast in the New Republic senate with Chancellor Owusaan ousted as Supreme Chancellor in a vote spearheaded by a group of up and coming senators. Of said senators, it was Senator Emil Ro of Balmorra who emerged victorious with the title of Supreme Chancellor of the New Republic. Though some critics may say that the new Chancellor's assent was lessened by the record low turnout for the session responsible for granting him the title, Emil himself wasted little time in arranging a meeting with himself and President Thorne of the ISC to foster good relations while simultaneously laying out plans to] discuss reorganising the relationship between the New Republic, the FWA and the Sector Rangers.

Not to be outdone in progress, however, the ISC came forward with the formation of two very different organisations. The formation of an organized military for the ISC was earlier discussed and now announced to the Galaxy as more than just an idea on paper. Infrastructure efforts conducted by dedicated engineers such as Raith Sokol have also been put to use to help facilitate the grand ambitions of the Independent Systems Consortium Refugee Agency (ISCRA). It is hoped by it's architects that, in conjunction with the anti-AMS measures discussed within the Galactic Senate, it will help lessen the impact of AMS on the lives of refugees suffering in its wake.

It seems like the Free Worlds is getting itself in gear too. New Alderaan is taking steps to increase it's military ship production through it's native shipwright the New Alderaan Royal Engineers. Lothal is looking to build a rapid response fleet of it's own while strengthening it's defenses. And lastly, a vote of no confidence has been called against the Prime Minister herself.