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Independent Systems Consortium


The Independent Systems Consortium was founded by Emryc Thorne (@Darth Raze ) after worlds within the Free World Alliance and outer rim began to fall under attacks from the Sith. Emryc Thorne pushed the platform that the Jedi were to blame for drawing in the Sith, thus throwing innocent worlds right in between their conflict. As a result, he proposed the formation of an entirely new government that consists of Outer and Mid Rim worlds that exist outside of the Free World Alliance.

The Independent Systems Consortium was established to strengthen trade agreements and military agreements across various planets that are otherwise cut off from the center of the galaxy. Planets were encouraged to aid one another with their natural resource trading to bring them out of poverty and change their status as backwater systems.

The goal of the formation of ISC was to empower Rim planets and take away the heavy reliance on the Core worlds or isolation that came with being entirely autonomous.


ISC is composed of the President of the Executive Council and the Executive Council. The Executive Council is made up of Governors which represent multiple planets in a sector/map quadrant. These Governors are voted into their roles by the planet leaders they represent. The President can meet with ISC representatives on issues and bills regarding things within their boundaries. Anything that may strongly impact external worlds (big trade changes, extending law enforcement boundaries out, etc.) will need to be brought to the Galactic Senate.

  • Mandell
  • Bothawui,
  • Kothlis,
  • Manda
  • Lahsbane
  • Ord Pardron
  • Iskalon
  • Rodia
  • Tatooine
  • Siskeen
  • Ryloth
  • Shimia
  • Orvax
  • Lok
  • Christophsis
  • Radnor
  • Llanic
  • Thyferra
  • Bestine
  • Cyrillia
  • Gyndine
  • Mimban
  • Attahox


President: The President is the official chosen to preside over the ISC executive council by the ISC PCs. The President is also the Commander in Chief of ISC joint militaries. Other roles like Secretary of Defense will rise if there is enough PC interest.

Executive Council (PCs): PC Governors that oversee swaths of planets/territories.

Planetary Governors: These are usually NPCs that roll up to the PC Governors. These are individual planet leaders that all collectively elect a PC to represent them.

Current PC Roster:
President: @Darth Raze
Executive Council:
@Soygun York
@Tyris Thanewulf
@Lucas Rinn
@Julia Hipori
@Flauki Ubbeson
@Jade Archer

ISC Rangers:
@Kalen Ultor
@Theo Magna
@Jasper Holliday
@Yuuta Graves
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