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“I didn’t tell you why I’m after these guys, these Six Daggers. I feel like now is a good time.” —Zad Ruzed
“Those Daggers’ll feel the burn soon. One way or another.” —Zaia Krodas


The Daggers were a small criminal organization that operated largely in the shadows, keeping mostly under the radar from the greater galactic public when it came to law enforcement and other criminal entities. The majority of the galaxy did not even know the name of the organization, let alone its leadership.

While ‘The Daggers’ refers to this crime ring overall, including its lowest level of members and associates, ‘The Six Daggers’ or simply ‘The Six’ refers to its leaders.

The Six Daggers were originally composed of five former members from the Five Syndicates (Black Sun, Crimson Dawn, Crymorah Familes, Hutt Clan, Pyke Syndicate). The sixth founding member was even more mysterious, having come from none of those organizations.

Over time, The Daggers, while intentionally small scale to begin with, were reduced in power and number and all but extinguished due to the combined efforts of multiple individuals across the galaxy.

The Daggers focused on no specific field for their criminal activity, branching out into various operations, seeking a monopoly in none so as to still gather funding and influence without drawing too much competition.

They united and used what finances and power they had to recruit soldiers and other operatives, intentionally keeping their membership low. For the most part, The Daggers relied on outside contracting to meet their needs in order to protect their secrecy.

The Daggers had no fixed headquarters, settling in no specific sector or system, and the leaders themselves were spread out. When they wanted to meet each other it was usually via viewscreen or holoprojector, very rarely in person, while their employees and associates never saw their faces.

Crimes/Rackets/Enterprises (minor or major involvement):
  • Arms dealing
  • Extortion
  • Forgery
  • Gambling
  • Kidnapping
  • Murder
  • Piracy
  • Prostitution
  • Slavery
  • Slicing
  • Smuggling
  • Spice
  • Theft
  • Unethical experimentation

The etymology of ‘The Daggers’ stems back to the ceremony of the Six when they first established their organization. They each possessed a dagger of their own, a symbol of their unity and their mission, and the unofficial emblem of their organization. This dagger was in part chosen to remind each leader it was not in their best interest to backstab one another as crime lords often do

Very little is known about the founding of The Daggers. It came about when five mid-level members, one in each of the Five Syndicates, left their organizations and decided to form their own. This is surely one reason why The Daggers operated in the shadows, understandably concerned about any retaliation for abandoning their previous employers.

Their band was joined with a sixth member who came from outside the Five Syndicates entirely. Together, they pooled their resources and began to tap into local and low-level crime to get a foothold. Their versatility helped ensure a range of markets and rackets to operate in.

Eventually, The Daggers, as an organization, were undone in power and number due to the law enforcing, vigilante and/or rival efforts of multiple individuals across the galaxy, from Sector Ranger to Sith, Jedi to crime lord.



At one point, a reporter, a female Zabrak named Aemi Vryan, discovered The Daggers and dug too deeply into their affairs. They had her assassinated in her hotel suite. Her body was discovered by her lover, Sector Ranger Zad Ruzed, who went on a quest to avenge her death.

He did his best to hunt them down but The Daggers had all but hidden underground upon discovering the Sector Ranger authority was onto them. Time passed and Zad had to move on with his job, but he never forgot.

The Daggers resurfaced for Zad during a bank robbery on Lothal. There, he and a Mandalorian, Zaia Krodas, managed to apprehend the robbers. The Ranger and the Mandalorian later discovered the identity of the robbers’ employers—The Daggers.

The pair tracked their targets to where they suspected they had come together, in a remote base. After infiltrating it, they discovered only viewscreens, the reality being that The Six Daggers were never there in person to begin with.

From that day forward, Zad went on his own campaign to find The Six and eliminate them by any means necessary. He managed to track down four of them. His later lead took him to Endor, bringing Zaia along, where they discovered the fifth Dagger, only he had already been murdered by a Yautkan hunter.

Their last lead took them to Gravenell City on Sevenmoon in the Velusia System. However, it had already been determined that the previous five Daggers belonged to the Five Syndicates. That meant that the sixth and final Dagger was even more of a mystery as to their identity.

Arriving in Gravenell, Zad and Zaia investigate The Daggers via the local authorities, and in turn a crime lord, Perla the Hutt; who was also entertaining two other guests at the time, Sith Champion Cheriss Ktrame and Pyke spicer Cul Laaster.

Meanwhile, also in Gravenell, Jedi Knights Vayla Mirana and Quin Leonkri discover information on The Daggers during their pursuit for the missing Jedi Padawan Leh'Min'Ayd. An even wilder card during all this, Cheriss' partner, is the Sith Champion Kayden Skyler.

Zad and Zaia follow lead after lead, eventually connecting with the bounty hunter Jon Dromon and the mercenary Crux to find the Badger, an infobroker and middleman for the Daggers.

After the Badger disappeared— [ERROR - LOG IS MISSING]

The Daggers, though small in number, had as much of a loose leadership as they did a tight one.

At the echelon, The Six worked in tandem to carry out their plans, being very careful in how and when they communicate, relying on viewscreens and holoprojectors, and seldom meeting with one another.

Beneath them, they kept typical roles amid foot soldiers, crime operatives, infobrokers, spice dealers, etc. A number of these were directly employed by the Six in order to be considered members within The Daggers overall.

Finally, The Six relied on outside contractors, what would be called associates rather than members, generally limited to carrying out the lowest level of tasks, or otherwise already being affiliated with other established parties.



Though no one Dagger outranked the other, and though it was in their best interest not to get competitive, unbeknownst to the other five, one of them ultimately held all of the power and the cards in the end, especially after five of them ended up dead.
  1. [ERROR]
  2. Vak K’aris
    1. Gender: Male
    2. Species: Zabrak
    3. Syndicate: Crimson Dawn
    4. Status: Deceased - Executed by Kar-Vul Nazzat, Yautkan hunter
  3. Lim Fuuj
    1. Gender: Female
    2. Species: Falleen
    3. Syndicate: Black Sun
    4. Status: Deceased - Executed by Sector Ranger Zad Ruzed
  4. Jragen Alvor
    1. Gender: Male
    2. Species: Human
    3. Syndicate: Crymorah Families
    4. Status: Deceased - Executed by Sector Ranger Zad Ruzed
  5. Yinvo the Hutt
    1. Gender: Female
    2. Species: Hutt
    3. Syndicate: Hutt Clan
    4. Status: Deceased - Executed by Sector Ranger Zad Ruzed
  6. Ommak Tyfe
    1. Gender: Male
    2. Species: Pyke
    3. Syndicate: Pyke Syndicate
    4. Status: Deceased - Executed by Sector Ranger Zad Ruzed

Thur Rashnik

Gender: Male
Species: Trandoshan
Role: Research and development in offsite factory on Thila
Status: Deceased - Executed by Sith Champion Kayden Skyler

Clan Hippo
(Multiple Mandalorian members)
Role: Beskar supply

Cul Laaster
Gender: Male
Species: Pyke
Role: Spice supply
Status: Alive

The Badger
Gender: [ERROR]
Species: [ERROR] - Mandalorian
Role: Infobroker/Intermediary
Status: [ERROR]

[Not exactly in chronological order either IC or OOC]
  1. At the Bank Doing Bank Stuff
    1. PC Participants: Zad Ruzed | Zaia Krodas
  2. Tailing a Tail
    1. PC Participants: Zad Ruzed | Zaia Krodas
  3. Picking Up the Pieces
    1. PC Participants: Zad Ruzed | Zaia Krodas
  4. Time In A Bottle
    1. PC Participants: Zad Ruzed | Zaia Krodas
  5. Strange Dogs
    1. PC Participants: Zad Ruzed | Zaia Krodas
  6. A naked man has few secrets
    1. PC Participants: Kayden Skyler | Cheriss Ktrame
  7. The Peak of Power
    1. PC Participants: Leh'Min'Ayd | Quin Leonkri | Kayden Skyler | Cheriss Ktrame
  8. Rock Bottom
    1. PC Participants: Vayla Mirana | Quin Leonkri
  9. Hear Us Roar
    1. PC Participants: Zad Ruzed | Zaia Krodas | Cul Laaster | Cheriss Ktrame | Perla the Hutt
  10. Nemesis Games
    1. PC Participants: Vayla Mirana | Quin Leonkri | Cul Laaster | Cheriss Ktrame | Leh'Min'Ayd
  11. The One-Eyed Man
    1. PC Participants: Zad Ruzed | Zaia Krodas | Jon Dromon | Crux
  12. Strange Tidings
    1. PC Participants: Kayden Skyler | Cheriss Ktrame

The following Playable Characters were in some way affiliated with The Daggers via IC storytelling; for, against or neutral.

In particular, Sector Ranger Zad Ruzed, Mandalorian Zaia Krodas, Jedi Knight Vayla Mirana, Jedi Knight Quin Leonkri and Jedi Padawan Leh’Min’Ayd were all directly responsible for bringing the organization to its feet.

Indirectly, Sith Champion Kayden Skyler, Sith Champion Cheriss Ktrame, Cul Laaster of the Pyke Syndicate, the bounty hunter Jon Dromon, the mercenary Crux and Perla the Hutt had a hand in the demise of The Daggers.

It was due to the vigilante spree of Zad Ruzed that The Six Daggers, the organization’s leaders, were reduced to two. One member was killed by the Yautkan hunter Kar-Vul Nazzat. The last member— [ERROR - LOG IS MISSING]

Personal Lore

To provide more structure and referrable information to an organization primarily developed through IC threads between roleplayers @Die Shize and @Sicadorito. This is mainly for lore and storytelling purposes, particularly for the 'Gravenell' story arc and its (pending) climax.

[Expect this page to be edited/amended due to the size and scope, and ongoing development both IC and OOC.]
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