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June 1, 2023

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Happy June and happy Pride Month everyone. It's time for your monthly newsletter, so let's get a crack'a'lackin'. As a reminder for everyone, if you have things you have started or finished, feel free to message either @The Good Doctor or @lizziie about it so we can see about getting it in the newsletter.

General Time Reminder
  • Time has advanced years (0) years since the last newsletter
    It is 122 years after the Battle of Exegol, we are in 157 ABY (After Battle of Yavin).
Please be aware that in general time is fluid on SWRP.


  • Now this is Pod Racing!
  • The Island is in progress!
    • Individuals awaken with very dry mouths. Reflexively they reach out towards the nightstand beside their bed expecting to grab a bottle of water to sate their thirst, but instead they find they hand filled with nothing but coarse grains of sand.

  • A new event is coming. Stay tuned!

Story Spotlight

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Battle for Dathomir


Battle for Dathomir

  • The battle is still ongoing.
  • Both sides have taken heavy losses. The Dathomir people are nautrally no match for the Imperial War Machine and it's technology, relying on witches and their magicks, as well as their wits, and the planet's flora and fauna in order to stand against them.
  • Grand Marshall @Altair Din General @Max Dram, Commander @Jonathen Baize Lt. @Asher Teric Knight-Captain @Wiley Winnz and Knights @Astrid al-Bahir @Aadya Rasheer @Ailis Drast would notably go into the fray.
  • @Katara, a Sith Nightsister would perish at the might of the Imperial forces.
  • Knight Captain Winnz perished after a failed bout of diplomacy with one of the other Dathomir tribes. However Astrid found success with a different one.
  • Zombies appear, resurrected by foul magicks!
  • Now the bravest and boldest of the Imperials would take on the Queen of the Nightsisters @Renfry herself. The Queen has already claimed @Aadya Rasheer, utterly flaying her mind and rending it into pieces.
Into the Unknown


Into the Unknown
  • The Discovery Exploration Corps, a company that specializes in space exploration and colonization, now since the science ship the DECS Pathfinder onto an exploration voyage into the Unknown Regions, which is still full of mysteries as well as danger.
  • After setting a course and going to lightspeed, the Pathfinder was pulled out of hyperspace, and the ship was beset by space-borne jellyfish whose hulls caused a hull breach with their acid. Suffice it to say, it didn't take long for the Pathfinder to find trouble.
  • But they were repelled thanks to the Security/Response team, with most of the 'Spellies' stunned or otherwise killed or incapacitated.
  • The the unknown specimens and samples would be taken, being able to fashion an antivenom as well as learn more about them. Not only that, one of them would be used as a feast for the crew.
  • Before too long, the Pathfinder is looking to move on before more creatures come.
  • Also

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