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May 7, 2023
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Merian Sere

The unwilling knight


► Human
► Female
► Iloh
► 33
► 5’7”
► 145 lbs
► Reddish brown
► Auburn
► Empire
► Knight-Captain
► Yes, trained


Merian was born to the paradise world of Iloh. Like many natives, including her parents and two sisters, she took up work in hospitality, turning her easy smiles and helpful attitude into credits from visitors across the galaxy. Long after childhood, when it became apparent that the influence she exerted over tourists wasn’t wholly natural, Merian was escorted off Iloh by a wandering Jedi knight looking to bring her home to the Order. Their ship was intercepted; the Jedi was killed, and Merian was instead taken to the Sith Academy on Korriban.

After years of training, there wasn’t much left of the girl Merian had once been. Her easy smiles became a distant memory. Her helpful attitude was twisted into an unerring sense of duty to the Sith Empire. Her abilities were honed to the edge, though they would never reach the heights they could have had Merian trained as a youngling. She entered service for the ISB, a deadly field agent whose supernatural gifts saw every mission to completion, no matter the odds.

When Altair Din expelled the Sith from Imperial service, Merian was one of the few who stayed, having never truly grasped abstract Sith philosophy or been able to abandon herself fully to the Dark Side. The loss of her ISB rank stung, though less than that of her former colleagues. The distrust was the worst of it. Having never been anything short of steadfastly loyal, Merian took with difficulty the suspicious glances that followed her everywhere. And so she resumed duty as an Imperial Knight, out of her depth but barred from Intelligence work, looking to prove herself yet again...


Merian inherited her mother’s light brown complexion, auburn hair and reddish eyes. She stands at 5’7”, her hair is wavy, always carefully groomed and kept at shoulder length, and she is usually seen wearing her uniform when not undercover. Merian carries herself with authority and speaks in the assured voice of officers used to being obeyed.

Pragmatic, intelligent, eloquent, fiercely loyal and almost robotic in her behaviour, Merian can also be out of touch, arrogant, stubborn and dismissive. To her, the end will—almost—always justify the means.

An excellent swimmer, thanks to her upbringing on Iloh. Merian is stealthy, a decent pilot, a better shot and an even better liar. Her late training and her inability to fully give in to her anger and negative emotions leave her Force powers very technical and weaker than they could be. She can use telekinesis, basic mind tricks, and enhance her speed in short bursts; more advanced powers are beyond her. Her lightsaber skills are also subpar as she seldom put them to use as an ISB field agent. Given the choice, Merian would rather defend herself with a blaster pistol or a concealed vibroknife.

+Merian’s lightsaber
+Imperial Knight armor
+Blaster pistol
+Utility belt


Enemy/hates — Dislikes — Neutral — Likes — Friends — Family
Romantic interest — Admires — Deceased

Maros Lasan – Former ISB agent and fellow Sith, who stayed true to the Sith Order rather than accept Altair Din’s terms; to her great dismay, Merian is still in love with him.

Varyn Atrix – Lord Commander of the Imperial Knights; Merian worked with him directly on Anzat, though their personalities have occasionally been at odds.

Kalique Demici – Knight-Captain and Merian’s direct superior; though distant at first, Merian eventually opened up to her more, almost despite herself.

Jonathen Baize – IAF Commander; Merian and him knew each other briefly as fresh trainees and recently worked together on certain occasions before the man eventually retired.

Kellan Solari – TIE pilot and IAF captain; Merian and him met on Ord Trasi, where they saved each other’s life from a vicious Killik swarm. Since then, they have collaborated on several occasions and nurtured a fulfilling friendship.

Sahril Sere (NPC) – Father. No word since Merian left Iloh.

Amaï Mahoe (NPC) – Mother. No word since Merian left Iloh.

Jamila Sere (NPC) – Older sister. No word since Merian left Iloh.

Lina Sere (NPC) – Middle sister. No word since Merian left Iloh.

CHAPTER 1: The Unwilling Knight

1. The Stakeout ― While infiltrating a shipyard on Botajef to cover the Empire’s assault on neighboring Dathomir, Merian comes across a former associate. (Complete)

2. Two Is PlentyMaros and Merian infiltrate the complex, each with their own objective in mind... (Complete)

3. A Helping Hand — Merian joins Imperial forces on Ord Trasi in answer to a planetary distress call following a Killik infestation. (Complete)

4. The Wayward NavigatorCommander Jonathen Baize enlists Merian’s help to rescue a skilled Imperial navigator from a criminal element in Hutt space. (Complete)

5. Model Imperial Citizens — When Commander Baize drops out of the mission due to a military emergency, Merian instead sees it through with the mysterious Cipher 4. (Stalled)

6. Ceremony and Celebration — A distressed Merian attends the military award ceremony for Astrid al-Bahir’s Medal of Honor and the ensuing party. (Social)

7. Eviscerate Them — Following a terrorist attack against an Imperial Commander on Raxus itself, newly-appointed Lord Commander Varyn Atrix takes a squad of Imperial Knights to chase the suspects and bring them to justice. (Complete)

8. Inner Turmoil — After a day training at the new Imperial Knight facilities, Merian comes across a troubled squire by the name of Caleb and helps him with his woes. (Stalled)

9. Murder Mystery on Raxus — When the investigation into the murder of Director Senyn’s daughter points to Anzat involvement, Merian is requested to assist as a representative of the Empire’s recent mission there. (Stalled)

10. This Is Us — Merian is specifically identified to hunt down Maros after he resurfaces on the Imperial planet Moltok. (Complete)

11. Training the Untrainable — Having suffered several setbacks during previous deployments, Merian swallows her pride and reaches out to Knight-Captain Kalique Demici for help with her swordplay and Force powers. (Complete)

12. Operation Blue Storm: Dubrillion — Joining the Imperial invasion of the Jedi-backing ocean planet Dubrillion, Merian puts her unique skillset to use on a daring approach. (Complete)

13. Reassurance — Merian meets Kellan to celebrate the conquest of Dubrillion and ask about the perception of Imperial Knights in the military following the publication of a few slanderous pieces. (Ongoing)

14. Since This Is the Perfect Spot to Learn — Back on Raxus, Merian has an impromptu sparring session with Roman Kallo, an older squire. (Complete)

15. Operation Stellar Hook — Merian is handpicked by Kellan, newly recruited into Blackout Fleet, to be part of a specialized team for a sensitive, covert op. (Stalled)

16. Where the Sun Never Sets — Raxus celebrates its victory over Darth Raze, and Merian parades with the Imperial Knights mourning the loss of their Lord Commander. (Social)

17. #TheBoars Take Mygeeto — When the Hutt Cartel unexpectedly declares war on the Empire in wake of the Emperor’s death, Merian scrambles to head the defense of Mygeeto against Gamorrean mercenaries. (Complete)

CHAPTER 2: Further

18. Your Oath on Your Tail ― At the height of the Hutt war, as bribe offers to Imperial officers become more and more tempting, a freshly-promoted Merian is mobilized alongside two smaller ships with the tall order of intercepting a Pilum-class heavy cruiser helmed by the defecting Colonel Vorth. (Ongoing)


20. Righting Our Wrongs — Merian is dispatched with ISB personnel to ensure the safe transport of high-profile prisoners member of the Bastion resistance, including several Jedi. (Complete)

21. Broken Bonds, Spilled Secrets — The Jedi rescue thwarted, Merian proceeds with the interrogation of Jedi prisoners on an undisclosed Imperial world, hoping to uncover Resistance secrets and cripple their efforts. (Complete)

22. Planning the Next Moves — Merian attends a meeting of the Imperial brass called by Grand Marshal Altair Din, fresh out of retirement. (Complete)

23. You Had Me At ‘Hutt Council’ — With the joke of a Hutt-Empire peace treaty broken, Merian rallies Imperial Knights to defend Raxus from a massive attack led by the Supreme Mogul’s own nephew. (Complete)

24. The Cavalry — Immediately after the battle and with Dar’baal the Hutt in custody, Merian debriefs with Grand Marshal Altair Din. (Ongoing)

25. The Day After the World Almost Ended — The day following the Battle of Raxus, Merian summons Magnus Thel’riss, a young knight who displayed exceptional bravery in defense of the Imperial Capitol. (Ongoing)

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