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Arla of the Forgotten Valley


Arla is the leader of Apex and former-First Sister of Dathomir and Arcane Master in the Sith Order.

"Carve your own Path."

    Little needs to be said about the parentage of Arla of the Forgotten Valley. Her mother and father are household names of all but the most backwater planets, but few knew more than simply that the Empress had once been pregnant. This was not without reason, and even Arla does not know the identity of her father.

    She spent most of her early life on Dathomir under the tutelage of not only her mother but also the other Nightsisters. Her training was not unlike that of her mother during her early years. She served as First of the Forgotten Valley Clan and learned to hunt, commune with nature, and perform the magick of her people. While she has been taught by some of the best the galaxy had to offer, she has long pushed back against trading on the name of her mother.

    Despite not wanting to follow completely in the footsteps of her parents, there is no question that she is their daughter. How does one describe the offspring of a cold pragmatist and an emotional spitfire? Though the two sound like opposites, she has piece of both within her. It often makes her difficult to predict and filled with dichotomy. Sometimes fiercely loyal and other times completely detached, others often find it difficult to anticipate how she will react in a given situation.

    One thing she inherited from both, however, is a dogged determination and dedication to accomplishing whatever she sets her mind to doing. Despite sometimes making hotheaded decisions like her mother, she has often displayed an intelligence and insight that is beyond her years.

    As she has grown older, her mother ensured that she had at least some exposure to the rest of the galaxy and an introduction to the Sith Empire. While not as well versed as many others, she is not as isolated as many of her fellow Nightsisters. Nevertheless, she still retains an insatiable curiosity that extends beyond just the teachings of the Sith as she seeks her place in the galaxy and outside the shadow of her mother.

    Her initial exploits in the Empire were simple and unimpressive, but eventually she found a niche for her skills and began to meet others within the Empire. Though many of her adventures saw little in results, this didn't last forever.

    She represented the Empire in the battle against the Killiks, and gained her first foothold of power. She continued to annex planets into the Empire and even brought in the notorious Anzati.

    Planetary conquest and the arcane mixed on Klatooine, and Arla continued to expand her knowledge. She laid the foundation for new techniques, and tangled with powers she didn't fully comprehend. Ultimately, she ended up righting her wrongs and even managed to gain a loyal following from it.

    She used her knowledge to continue hunting for Force secrets and treasures and even advised and assisted well-known members of the Empire in their quest hunting the arcane.

    She continued to pursue and practice unusual techniques and find new disciplines. She made new allies, met new people, fanned old relationships, and discovered powerful artifacts.

    It all opened new doors to the Force and allowed her to lay the foundations of a new domain for herself.

    Unfortunately, the expulsion of the Sith from the Empire forced her to pursue new paths and confront hard truths that strained relationships and forged new ones. Between protecting her home, hunting bounties, and continuing to pursue secret techniques she managed to keep herself busy.

    She finally met her father and unlocked the secrets of his gift to her, seeking him out to better understand who he was. Without realizing it, she met both her sister and her brother, but it wasn't until much later that everything finally became clear. She committed atrocities and sought answers to her place in her family before finally confronting those she loved.

    In the days that followed, she finally began to understand her place in the galaxy. Despite run-ins with other Sith she decided she needed to set her own path. She started reaffirming old alliances, pursuing new ones, and gathering investments.

    She realized the life of a huntress was right for her, and met others who felt the same and brought them together to hunt the impossible. She lost touch with old friends but made new ones and although they worked well together success narrowly alluded them.

    Even so, business took off and Apex took contracts, gained reputation, and leveraged greater notoriety.

    Despite that, loss still found Arla, and though she made her peace with it, she still feels the loss of the closest person in her life.

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      Arla has developed many skills over her life but has varying levels of practice at them. She grew up on Dathomir and her mother saw to it that she was trained in all manner of skills required to become a Sith Champion.

      Growing up, she trained among the planet's Warriors, Shadow Killers, and Huntresses, though of the three she by far spent the most time among the Huntresses.

      The warriors - and more specifically her mother - trained her in the basics of lightsaber combat, learning the necessary slashes, blocks, and parries to be accpetable as a combatant in Forms I and VI, though, in truth, her skills in this are rudimentary at best and just passable enough to ensure she made it into the Sith Empire and could defend herself.

      The Huntresses and Shadow Killers taught her how to track her targets in stealth and eliminate them with an energy bow. She took a great affinity to this and has even gone on to hone some of her stealth and infiltration skills among the Anzati now that she has brought them into the Empire.

      She was trained in magick and more "conventional" aspects of the Shadow by her Mother as First of her Clan and First Sister of Dathomir, and has become quite proficient in its usage, only growing more powerful as she's entered into the Sith. More recently, she has begun to learn the techniques of Sith magic and has started heavily implementing sign casting into her combat, often forgoing carrying any weapon but her hunting knife into the field. By far, her greatest skills are linked to her abilities in the Force and Shadow Magick.

      When she was eighteen, she passed the Nightsister Trials of Elevation, Fury, and Night, and was recommended to initiation into the Sith Order as a Champion.

      She has learned Force of Will from Kravos' holocron that was left to her by her mother.

      Her technical skills are poor at best, and though she has a simple grasp of some magick technomancy, when it comes to slicing, most security bypass, or vehicle repair, her skills are quite lacking. She is capable of piloting a ship for basic maneuvering, but is not a combat pilot by any means.
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      Following the removal of the Sith from the Empire, Arla lost many of the assets that she had once accumulated. While she has many funds from the tax money she had earned while overseeing Columex, Centares, and Anzat, she no longer retains control over any of these areas or in Felucia, Kalee, or Telos where she had also gained influence.

      Nevertheless, she has retained some relationships among the Anzati and the Kaleesh though in no official capacity. Her good relationship and continued training with "the Duke" on Anzat has allowed her at least some influence on the planet.

      Most notably, in addition to the general Nightsister authority that she has as former-First Sister, she also has a core group of huntresses and shadow killers led by her friend Anya who had spent time on Felucia serving the Empire. As such, these elite warriors - handpicked to serve off world - are a core portion of Arla's following.

      Ultimately, these were pulled together to form Apex Military Contractors.
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