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Emryc Thorne


► 46
► Half Sephi/Half Human
► 6'9 foot
► 285 lbs
► Silver
► Dyed black
► Space-born
► Male
► Independent Systems Consortium
► President
► Yes (Level 3)


Early Life And Academy

Emryc was born as the result of an affair between the Sephi King of Thustra and a human magick Force user from Dathomir who had lived among the Nightsisters. Upon discovering that the woman was pregnant and fearing for the shame it would bring him and his family, the Thustran king hired an assassin to have her killed. The King knew she was Force sensitive, and he hired an appropriately skilled killer for the job. Unbeknownst to him, the killer had connections to the Sith. The assassin succeeded in killing the mother, but he could already sense the Force in the infant. Instead of killing it, he brought it over to a Sith space station that was known for raising and cultivating child soldiers.

As a result, Emryc was permanently separated from his royal origins, never knowing that his father was the King of Thurstra or that he had a Jedi half brother. The truth was scrubbed away from the space station and he was brought in without a name. His code word 3MR1K eventually was fashioned into the name Emryc by the lab personnel that got tired of using the code name. His last name Thorne was generated from a random database, a practice used for the many nameless children and orphans that arrived for conditioning in the Cadre project.

Emryc was raised in a very cold and military environment. From very early on he was raised in a life of process and routines. There was no such thing as play, only learning and punishment if objectives were not met. He was conditioned to mute and suppress his emotions from early on as part of the Project, trained to only use emotions for channeling the Force and never outside of it. Overt displays of emotions were met with punishment. Positive emotions were seen as weakness and attachments were strongly discouraged.

Very early on, the constant experiments and psychological trainings began to give birth to an alter ego within Emryc that would stay with him for the rest of his life. This alter ego was the culmination of the aggressive emotions that could be harnessed to unleash chaos and the Dark Side in its most powerful fury. The goal of the Cadre project was to fashion perfect Sith that could devastate worlds but didn’t have the weakness of emotions and attachments to others.

Emryc often failed his tests because his emotions often bubbled to the surface. As a child he smiled and laughed despite the punishments that came with it. However, when he saw others begin to lose their lives in the face of defiance, he quickly fell into line and became an obedient soldier. From then on, he permanently muted his emotions, forgetting how to express them on command as he once had.

During this time, Emryc delved into history and began to see the ancient Sith Lords as deities. To align his faith with the teachings of the Cadre, he began the practice of self flagellation whenever he made mistakes. He took lashes when he developed attachments, felt guilt or any other emotions considered weak.

As a teenager, Emryc was a highly functional soldier and largely independent, his temperament conditioned to be perfectly detached. He began to lead missions for the Sith when he wasn’t being put through rigorous training and study as part of the military academy on the station. His first few trips to worlds outside of the space station saw him sampling many different aspects of life he had never experienced before. It was a few of these missions that saw him get tangled with the Five Syndicates.

For a period of his teenage life, Emryc got into smuggling spice to make extra credits on the side. Being a Sith soldier meant he grew up completely poor and without any personal effects outside of basic boarding and food on the station. He spent his entire early life in a single cell with a cot and always in uniform.

Eventually with the constant missions, he was provided with an older model freighter. He named the ship Ship simply because he was never the overtly creative type. Despite the comically simple name, this ship would become Emryc’s home and the most precious thing in his possession.

As Emryc frequented Nar Shaddaa and ran in the Syndicate circles, he began to work as an underground DJ to make extra cash. Between that and spice smuggling, he scraped up enough credits to finally pay for passage off the space station and visit other planets he normally wouldn’t be able to on his own.

Skills and Abilities

Lightsaber Combat [**]
Force Combat [***]
Force of Will

- 2 lightsabers
- Kravos Holocron
-Personal Armor
- Wyck holocron
- Personal ship


1. East of Nowhere
2. Mind Yo Business
3. Gimme Shelter
4. Ahto Glitter
5. Scattered To The Winds
6. Children Of The Force
7. A Spicy Encounter
8. A Sideways Meeting
9. Ground Zero
10.The Err of Pirates
11.Just A Little Bit
12.Force Of Nature
13.Follow Up
14.Toxic Draw
16.Field Trip
18.There Is No Balance
19.Cloud Nine
20.Eve 'N More
21.A Good Day's Aftermath
22.What Will You Tritonite
23.Unrest Breeds Opportunity
24.Party Conversations
25.Ignite The Spice
26.Folds and Knots
27.Dead End
28.Not A Safe Bet
29.Dancing With The Stars
30.Not a neighborly thing to do
31.Wolves Among Wolves
32.Lock and key
33.For A Better Galaxy
34.Thorne Campaign: Helping Hand
35.Another Choice
36.Cry Me A River
37.Another Return
38.Queen of Hearts
39. Desolation of Dathomir
40. The Real Truth
41. Across The Universe
42. The Burden of Power
43. The Galactic Senate
44. Diplomatic Drilling
45. Church Of Starry Knowledge
46. Zaa Fenn Tastic
47. Titans Among Mortals
48. When It's Time To Party You Party Hard
49. Fields Of Gold
50. ISC Session: AMS
51. Galactic Senate: AMS
52. Just Good Business
53. It Looked Clear
54. Invasion of Denon

--Blind/ Hobo Emryc--
55. Picking Up The Pieces
56. Between Two Points
57. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
58. Sitting On The Dock
59. A Message
60. Nothing Gold Can Stay

--Emryc Returns--

61. Prison Break
62. Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt
63. By Order Of The ISC
64. Huttball Observation
65. My Pledge
66. Have No Fear
67. ISC: Forming The Military
68. Open Wounds
69. The Man Who Sold The World
70. Watering The Water
71. Roses and Thornes
72. Snowfall
73. Hide and Seek
74. Flashback Huttball Game
75. Measuring Progress
76. A Night To Remember
78. A Song Of Ice and Fire
79. ISC: Military rollout
80. Telos Into The Shadows
81. Assembly of Galactic Senate
82. Mind Games
83. The Best Laid Plans
84. Night At The Opera
85. But That's None Of My Business

--Emryc and Raze converge--

86. The Fall Of Firrerre
87. I Did A Thing
88. The Long And Winding Road
89. Conquering The Unconquerable
90. Ashes To Sand, Sand to Ashes
91. Refuge For Refugees
92. Coping Mechanisms
93. The Senate Convenes

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