Sith Order Wōđanaz Buri Ása-Liðar


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Wōđanaz Buri Ása-Liðar


General Information

Homeworld: Firrerre
Species: Firrerreo
Gender: Male
Age: 22 years-old

Eye color: Gold
Hair color: Dark
Height: 5'9"

Rank: Lord Commander
Occupation: Imperial Knight
  • Din Empire
  • Imperial Knights
  • Altaris Faction
  • Firrerre Refuges
One of the last surviving Nobles of Firrerreo. The current Lord Commander of the Imperial Knights, joined the Sith Empire as a means to enact his revenge against Darth Raze for the destruction of his home and death of his family. After realising that his desires and methods were flawed, Wodan began to search for a new reason to fight, finding it within the New Empire and the Imperial Knights.

Wōđanaz Buri Ása-Liðar was born on the planet of Firrerro some nineteen galactic years ago to the Noble Buri family, the third of four children. Early in his life he showed signs of Force Sensitivity and was trained by a family friend in the basic applications of The Force. His families connections across the Outer Rim meant that Wodan spent most of his life travelling from planet to planet, only settling down on Firrerro properly for a few months at a time.

He was only Thirteen when tragedy struck, the Sith Lord Darth Raze arrived above his homeworld and burned the entire thing to ashes. Wodan himself was off world with his Mother when the attack happened, every other member of his family was killed in the attack leaving him and his mother alone.

Anger and Revenge fed the young man throughout the rest of his developing years, self-titling himself The Last Prince of Firrerro. Before finally at eighteen leaving his mother in the South of the Galaxy to enter the Sith Academy and seek some sort of revenge.

Over the years, Wodan's successes and failures have moulded the young man, turning him away from single minded revenge and towards a more personal path. Being a close friend and 'brother' to the Tiefling Altair, when the newly crowned Warmaster divided the Empire in two removing the Sith Order from its ranks and space. Wodan easily joined his friends side despite his Sith upbringing and development.


Not born a natural to the Force Arts, Wodan spent much of his formative years within the Sith Order struggling to keep up with his contemporises. However the Firrerrian began to blossom after securing the first piece of the Shattered Crown, the Artefact's innate Force ability along with the confidence it brought him pushing him to greater and greater heights.

Not being the best combatant when it comes to one on one duels, Wodan has focused on more indirect means to secure what he wants, fighting only when he knows that victory is all but assured. Dabbling in physical augmentation, mental manipulation, technometry, Telekinesis and Dark Side techniques, none have become a mainstay for the Lord Commander. Due to his ownership of the First and Fifth Shards, Wodan has access to the unique Dark Aura ability as well as enhanced command of pyrokinesis.


Primary Weapons:
Skywalker Lightsaber
Imperial Knight Saber, Green

Imperial Assault Amour

Upsilon Command Shuttle
The First Shard
The Fifth Shard

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Deadzone - Ended
The Shadow of Atravis - Completed
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Korri-ban Hammer - Completed
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Trials and Tribulations​

A Tib in the Water - Ended
Building Blocks of Blood, Sweat and Toil - Completed
De-Cyphar-ing - Ended
Stupid Title - Completed
Twin's - Completed
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Not According to Plan - Ended
Operation Corellian Run - Completed
Hedging Bets - Completed
Grief - Completed
Trading for Glory - Completed

Knight of the King​

Tests of Brotherhood - Completed
Cerebellum a Victory - Ongoing
Not Expecting the Unexpected - Ongoing
One Last Chat - Ongoing
Slay the Beast - Ongoing
Knights of the Castle - Ongoing

Grand Designs​

Black Ruins - Completed
A Dark Awakening - Completed
Work Trial - Ongoing
Two - Completed
Crown Pieces for a Crown Piece - Ongoing
Black Treasure - Ongoing

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