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Aug 19, 2023
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January 2024 Newsletter
Hello, everyone, and welcome to the January 2024 Newsletter for The Star Wars RP!

___Wow! It's been a while. The last time we posted a newsletter was back in July of 2023. However, now that The Good Doctor has some additional help in the form of yours truly, I'll be doing my best to ensure regular monthly newsletters return! This one has a lot of ground to cover, so let's dive right in.

— Contents
——1. Foreword
——2. Informational Updates
————General Time Update
——3. Story Spotlight
Jedi Crusaders
————Return of Altair Din
——4. State of the Galaxy
HolotNet Highlights
————Galactic Happenings
——5. Upcoming Events
Discord Events
————Website Events

January, 2024

___Before we delve into the updates for the site, I want to thank the staff and members of Star Wars RolePlay for allowing me to don the mantle of Community Moderator. I have been a member of this site for approximately five months, which is paltry compared to the tenure of some of the senior members of this community. However, despite my short time here, they had enough trust in me to select me.

___I appreciate this opportunity and the responsibility that goes along with it. It's now my job to show that you will not regret your decision, and I hope you will feel that you have the right person in place. I will do my best not to disappoint you, and I hope this newsletter does a sufficient job of expressing my gratitude.

___I am looking forward to cooperating with everybody more in the future!

___To the members and community of Star Wars RolePlay, thank you for supporting me and welcoming me the way you did. Without the kindness and support of this site's members, I wouldn't have chosen to stay. I owe many people here an immense show of gratitude, and I wish I could express that thanks to each one personally.

___However, this is a newsletter! Enough with the namby-pamby prattling! Thanks again to everyone on the site, and let's get on with the newsletter!


Informational Updates

General Time Update
___Since the last newsletter in July, time has progressed four (4) years. This shift currently places the site in 162 ABY, or 127 years after the Battle of Exegol.
  • However, please remember that time, in general, is fluid here on the site.

___Let's show some love to our members whose characters have recently risen in the ranks! You're welcome to do this with confetti, popping corks on wine bottles, or golf claps from the back line. It's okay. Nobody will notice.
Jedi Order
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⇪ Jedi Warden
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Sith Order
⇪ Level 4
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The Empire
⇪ Director of the ISB
⇪ Lord-Commander of the Imperial Knights
⇪ Imperial Knight-Captain

⇪ Level 4
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⇪ Level 2

Story Spotlight

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—Jedi Crusaders

In the wake of the apparent defeat of Darth Raze and his abominations, the Jedi Order once again fell into a state of stagnancy and disunification. With the Grandmaster gone and the Council almost entirely uninvolved in and unconcerned with Jedi affairs,
an assembly was gathered to decide the Jedi's path as they advanced.

___@Vanya made a proposition: return to the system of Jedi Lords and field an Army of Light. A schism began forming, a clear divide between the Crusaders and the traditionalists. Although no official decree was ever issued condemning the formation of the Jedi Crusaders, only time will tell whether this rift in the faction will heal or grow more severe.

___In a proverbial act of christening their rise and currying favour with the galaxy to announce they had not fallen to stagnation, the Jedi Crusaders
departed to resolve the threat of the Killiks expanding their territory to other planets.

—Altair's Revenge

___After taking abuse from the rest of the galaxy, Grand Marshall Altair Din has returned from retirement to be a guiding force once again. Altair has took up the mantle of Grand Marshal again. With no Emperor at the helm of the Empire, Altair wields great political power in addition to leading the Imperial war machine.

___Upon his return, he wasted no time laying waste to Korda Six, as an orbital bombardment virtually turned all of the planets surface to glass, killing millions with no chance for escape. It was retaliation against the mercenary group that rules over Korda Six that repeatedly struck against the Empire. That was the first message to the galaxy that the Empire is not messing around anymore.

___Soon after, the Grand Marshal would meet up with other Imperials to discuss the state of the galaxy, in addition to plotting against the Hutts after the travesty that was the Cantonica Concordat.

___He also sent out a statement on holonet waves to the whole galaxy. The Empire Still Stands

State of the Galaxy

—HoloNet Highlights


BREAKING NEWS: Darth Raze Presumed Dead
This just in: Darth Raze, the dark menace who has been terrorizing and destroying the occupants of so many planets is presumed dead.

Reports are still coming in from the ground on Ossus where Imperial forces were in stiff combat against the invading abomination army of Darth Raze. Initial waves of Imperial troops were being thrown back by the ferocious onslaught of the abomination army the same as we had seen on so many worlds... continue reading

EMPEROR DEAD: Imperial Moffs Council Assumes Control
Emperor Drast had died following a 'period of illness' the Imperial Security Beaureu has announced, in a statement released this afternoon. The Emperor, who was the first non-force-sensitive to assume the post, oversaw a period of economic expansion, expelled various leading figures in the Sith Order, and led efforts to secure the Imperial border... continue reading

The Empire Still Stands
Fuck. He was doing one of these again. He was tired of his own mug showing up on Holonet. However, people insisted that his face popping up would be a morale boost to the Empire. Altair used to shy away from media, but over the years he had grown numb to most things.

As it had years prior, his face popped up behind a podium as he made an address, “Citizens of the galaxy"... continue reading


Imperial Strike Eliminates Terror Cell 'Korda Six'
The culmination of efforts between branches of the Imperial war machine sought revenge against a large terrorist organization last known to be ruling the planet formally known as Korda Six. Now informally known as 'Slag Six', the planet was home to a vile and savage creature hell-bent on attacking the Empire... continue reading

—Other Galactic Happenings

Faction Happenings

In Other News

Tabloid Throwdown

Upcoming Events

___Mark your calendars! Several events are happening in February; this list will continue to be updated as new events are added or changed, so make sure to check back regularly!

Discord Events
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Site Events
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