SWRP Timeline 5 Abridged Version


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Oct 15, 2013
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If you need any reviewers for this, I'll gladly take a spot. Sounds like great reading.


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May 3, 2010
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Damn. Awesome idea, Weiss. I'd love to read this, but I'll admit it sounds like a colossal effort to put this together >_>


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May 15, 2011
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Honestly cant wait to read it my friend :)


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Nov 10, 2010
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Working on Dark Hearts now. Dark Hearts is a long thread, and unlike some other threads, I don't plan to cut it down as much (minus taking out a couple characters like Silas (due to not really needed) and Fawn (cannibalism subplot unnecessary)).


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Sep 4, 2009
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Sure. Originally I had wondered if I should replace Saren with the Imperial mole, but found Saren to play a bigger role than I initially thought. I'm also going to play him as the red herring for the imperial mole for readers initially, only to have it be revealed later that Saren is no one's pawn and that Apollo is the mole.

I found the peace summit thread and the thread where he gives Balkk to the Dathomir Moff, but I wasn't able to find the thread in which Balkk was captured.

Also, I'll be fleshing out unwritten battles for Zaddja, Gannaria, or Codia. If you're interested, I could use your help in writing one of those battles with you, having a focus on Saren's involvement.

Red Herring sounds pretty good and whatever help you need, I'm here for ya'.


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Nov 10, 2010
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Red Herring sounds pretty good and whatever help you need, I'm here for ya'.
Damn. Awesome idea, Weiss. I'd love to read this, but I'll admit it sounds like a colossal effort to put this together >_>

Indeed. I have no illusions it'll be a cake walk. I just hope I can do the awesome characters like Andraste justice.


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Nov 10, 2010
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The Prologue for the Star Wars Legacies Abridged Version has been posted, found here. The prologue comes from a Sith mingling on Korriban that turned south quickly; the thread, Dark Hearts (aka Giant Sith Techno Party), can be found here. Originally 6 pages of posts on the site (or 35 pages on Word Document at 12 sized Times New Roman), I've condensed it to a single post (or 10 pages on Word Document). I've changed a few things. The individual who attacked Geist Weiss was not originally Montross Vandergruff, but another alchemist named Azool. To cut on characters, and to help explain why Montross later has a beef with Geist and Darth Vereor, I decided to give Montross the role Azool originally played. In the original thread on the site, Montross actually was trying to support Geist and end the violence. I also cut out the cannibalistic Fawn element from the story, deciding to end it right before her cannibalism, as it works out well. I also decided to retcon it being a few years in the past, to explain why people improved since then.

In future entries, I plan to alternate between the POVs, but I felt Andelka served a good POV for the entire story, so I kept it only her POV.
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Nov 10, 2010
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Entry on FanFiction.net is up. You can find it here. Chapters 2 (timeline compendium) and 3 (Demon of Konstellan) will be posted next week.


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Nov 10, 2010
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I'm considering reviving this. I'd probably do more changes, such as removing more characters, switch some roles, etc. For example, the ousted GM will be Lecchamemnon rather than Beric to give his reminiscence during the final battle more meaningful. Bastele will have always been chief of state. Ebberla replaces Sebastian as Della's teacher. I'm considering taking out the Fel Conspiracy. And others.


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May 15, 2011
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You don't know how excited I was to see Vereor


I liked it Weiss, keep up the awesome working when you can. I'd love to see a novelization based on the members actions in different threads. Battles should be fun, but difficult, to get down into a flowing prose form.


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Nov 10, 2010
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The timeline has a lot of rich lore and interesting plots. I've been tempted to make a novel series based off the adventures of Geist Weiss and others of the Third Galactic Civil War (titled Sleepless, to reference how Geist is seeking a dream of order that he'll never be able to reach), though due to copyright would have to create an entire new universe and lore, which could be interesting. Already have brainstormed thoughts on the matter (and tricky figuring out how to give credit to all the work everyone's done on the site).

Vereor is an awesome character. In the novel series brainstorming I mentioned above, for alien species I'm planning to have not as many as SW has. Originally I wasn't gonna have any reptillian species, but Vereor sold me in putting on in my notes.
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Nov 10, 2010
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I've got a revived interest in it.
My links! My precious links! All gone. Broken. I'll have to start the hunt again from scratch again.


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May 5, 2015
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I've got a revived interest in it.
My links! My precious links! All gone. Broken. I'll have to start the hunt again from scratch again.

All of this...this makes me wish I joined sooner and was a part of these stories.


Better luck next timeline.


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Jan 29, 2013
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I've got a revived interest in it.
My links! My precious links! All gone. Broken. I'll have to start the hunt again from scratch again.
I just read all of this and it's amazing!!


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Nov 10, 2010
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(Notes for self; plot noted out-of-date)

Dark Hearts

Operation Gothic Shield House of Representatives

Trap at Lehon

Seeds of Rebellion

Rescue Me

Love Honor Obey

Hands of Healing

Let the Pages Turn

Trial by Fire

A More Elegant Touch

Fear and Worry



The Witch and the Demon

The Battle of Tanaab

Nobody Knows the Troubles I've Seen

(Chiss-Mando conflict not mentioned)

Slaying the Juggernaut

Declaration of War

The Emperor's Address

Battle of Saleucami:
-Final Genesis
-Paradise Lost
-Sundered Heavens
-Lake of Fire

To Cleanse Both Mind and Body

Ackbar's Premonition

Tears for the Future

Forming Bonds within a New Order

Facing Judgment

Cradle of Fire

Quest for Chora *

A Message to What Isn't There

Food for the Poor

Azure Shadows

Evacuation from Cyrillia


Sword in the Stone

Final Acts

Where Flowers Bloom So Does Hope

Till Salvation Do Us Part

Celebrations of Matrimony (needed?)

Memories of Obi-Wan

Mandalorian exodus/Civil War:
-Back to the Streets
-Hunters and Witches
-Honor Against All Odds
-Evacuation from Sith Space
-Re'turcye Mhi, Manda'yaim
-Evacuate First
-No Man Left Behind
-Come, the Conquerors
-A New Beginning
-The Challenge
-My Fellow Mandalorians
-Battle of Fenris
--Ice Fields
--Command Center
--Mountain Fortress
-Fate of the Clans
-Looking back: OOC discussion mentioning fights on Zaddja, Gannaria, Codia, and Roon

Journey to Tython

A Talent Within

The Education of a Rabbit


Feeling Better Today

Toughen Up

Skirmish on Ossus:
-Encounter on Ossus
-Thaed vs. Ebberla

All Fires Fade

Rematch on Tanaab

Soldiers in Arm

Encore on Geonosis

STROST Reminiscence


Under Masks Are Truths

Justice's Illusion

King's Touch

First Battle of Empress Teta:
-Temple Entrance

Epitaph of a Ghost

Thy Kingdom Come

Thaed taunts Ebberla:
-There Is No Peace
-Through My Passion is Borne My Strength
-At the End of Change, Paths May Part

The Days That Are No More

Duel of Redemption

Battle of Teth (needed?)

Robinson Crusoe

Mandalore Speaks

Diplomacy Redux

To Honor a Promise

Master and Commander

Meetings and Gifts

The Road Back Home


Low Voltage

Impending the Divulgence of Resources

Simple Meetings

Back in the New Sith Groove

Stare Into the Abyss

My Dark Heart Will Go On

Angels We Have Heard on High

Crushing the Plighting Carnage

Requiem of the Fallen Dynasty

Three Sheets to the Wind

Battle of Boonta

Battle of Brentaal:
-thread 1
-thread 2
-thread 3

Evacuation of Anaxes

Battle of Alsakan:
-Legacies Collide
-New Xenvaer
-The Ark of Xenvaer
-The Temple of Shalharra
-Boarding #1
-Boarding #2

Battle of Tython:
-Battle in the Ruins of Kaleth
-Battle of the Jedi Temple
-Battle in the Gnarls
-Ebberla Daw vs. Arcturus
-In Andraste's Shadow

Skirmish on Empress Teta

Song of Two Houses' Legacy

A Return to Normalcy

A Grim and Foreseeable Future

Battle of Coruscant:
-Battle for Centax-1
-Clash in the Skies
-Battle for Centax-2
-A Monument to Their Sins
-Level 1313
-The Fall of Westport
-GA Defense Force Command Center
-There Is Another
-Jedi Temple Main Gates
-Jedi Temple Hangars
-Jedi Temple Training Rooms
-Jedi Temple Archive Mainframe
-The Galactic Congress Hall
-The Duel for the Soul of Coruscant

Witnesses of Despair

Last Full Measure

Flight of the Fallen

The Coming Storm

As the Force Weeps

Where the Chapter Ends

Sanctuary - Andraste & Danith meet at garden; Andraste admits questionable sanity; maybe switch Danith with Geist (maybe flashback of Andraste's introduction to Geiss)?

Returning to Sacul - Sebastian urges Della to return home; Rhonun & Della arrive at Sacul; Sith find out; Della's party shelters at Della's family home; skirmish

Rescue Me Zebitrope IV Mission of Mercy

Eyes Like Stars - Post-Dark Hearts social between Andraste & Andelka; maybe have it a flashback of Andraste's time as a Jedi (could weave in a duel thread involving Andraste where she fights one of the fellow Jedi in the flashbacks)

The Lion and the Wolf - Andraste & Oseth social; maybe Andraste-Exodeus first meeting (albeit less cheery)

Hands of Healing - Jedi Andreus recovers from fight with Oseth; maybe part of flashback saga involving Andraste's departure from the Jedi, with Andreus having been survivor of Exodeus attack, leading to Jhon's assumption Andraste was forcefully taken by Exodeus; could be merged with this thread's prequel, told from Andreus' retelling

At the Crypts of Nybeth - Jedi/Republic strike Sith cult; could be one of Predor's coterie's operations

Inauguration - Andraste (having disappeared, letting Lightell be kinged) returns to be crowned empress; could be redone as pos-Exodeus death?

Convocation on Tatooine - Jedi congregate at Tatooine, seeking unity though break into arguments;

The City of Destruction - Guhoo & ally vs. Mira & ally; incomplete

The Final Vigil - Coruscant prelude, where Jedi ponder fortifying or evacuating

Breaking the Name - Mand'alor Roxton denies Saren's challenge; flashback for why Saren is aiding Sith?

Memento Mori - Delun trespasses on Tython, seeking info on deceased bro Daisuke; Delun bonds with Ebb

All Men Stumble, All Men Fall - Lecchamemnon & Roxton land during Battle of Coruscant (incomplete)

Let the Farce Be With You - Fake terrorists take credit for Will of the Force destruction

Death and Transfiguration - Andraste-Exodeus, aboard Exodeus' ship (Andraste awakens from unconsciousness; source unknown); Exodeus revealed to have recently performed body modifications; weird flirting?; Exodeus jealous of Silas; abusive-esque relationship; details of Exodeus' past broached

Ill Tidings - Jhon foretells vision of Judicar unleashing darkness

Judgment (may use for Lamia's trial rather than her actual one) -

Emergency Declaration of Martial Law within the Sith Imperium

The Emperor's Address [Lightell version]

Trial By Fire [Kushari-Mandos] - Kushari, stranded on Tatooine, seek Mando assistance in fight

What They Died For - Jhon & Battlemaster contemplate defensive plans post-temple bombing

Tears of the Angels - Jedi mourn temple bombing

Return to Serenity - Andraste reacts to temple bombing (potentially unaware of plot?); Andraste meets Jhon at Sage Halls

When Man Faces Destiny - Jhon, having survived Lehon, is rescued by Kara; story of Lettow & Ussej investigated; Jhon decides to call Council (to discuss Lana?)

Memories of Anakin - Year after Lehon; Andraste's parents' graves visited; Vader story told, with connections to prophecy. Merge with "When Man Faces Destiny" and Jhon meeting Council about Lana?

Losing My Religion - Jhon contemplates Andraste's fate post-Lightell coronation; Skhai visits drunk Jhon (with suicidal wishing?); Jhon ponders if fit to raise Lana. Maybe this when proposed to place Lana in Skywalk orphanage?

The Good That Men Do - Post-Skywalker revelation by Jhon to Skhai; Jhon recounts encounter with young Exodeus (incomplete); maybe scatter flashback into Lehon fight?

The Crisis of Kara Vaalki - Kara reacts to Lightell's coronation; Jhon & Kara discuss Lightell & Andraste

Back on the Road to Ever After - Jhon-Skhai; potentially use post-Lehon awakening from injuries (as Jhon worries about Lana)?

The Death of Geist Weiss - On Sacul, injured Geist is caught by Della where he first landed; Della spares Geist; maybe sees a gravestone for twins and thus why he notes his twin history+hiding appearance

The Plague of Dis

Operation Gothic Shield The Sprawl - Anzat assassin & Sith vs. 2 Jedi (feat. Christian); less duelish; closer to firefight; incomplete; could alter to not need FS

Culling Flowers - Andraste & Silas social; Andraste slightly contemplates darkness in her; if used, best if very early on

Consultation With the Dark Lord - Chiss leader confronts Exodeus (and Andraste) about intel suggesting Sith hostilities; could be a neighbor worried about invasion (following invasion of another planet); have Judicar still be emperor

I Am Become Death [Exodeus-Andraste] - Andraste & Exodeus explore ancient Voss temple; Force philosophizing; Andraste ponders her relationship, realizing Exodeus may love her

Amongst the Ghosts of the Past - Exodeus-Andraste explore tomb; Exodeus views himself as True Sith; Exodeus questions why Andraste let a Jedi live

Skies of Fire, Reign Down Upon Thee - Oonoo leads bombing and assault on IK hideout; if used, could be used as part of an opener to a battle maybe?

Wherever the Cold Wind Blows - Thaed confronts perceived-traitor Illusia; Thaed tries to kill Illusia

Innocent Pasts Pave Guilty Futures - Flashback: 12 year old Andraste meets Endar

Philosophies of a Puppet Master - Illusia & Andraste discuss Andraste's pregnancy

Noblesse Oblige (Third Battle of Empress Teta) - Imperial marines assault pirate vessel

Tea With Geist Weiss - Geist & Larik social; incomplete

A Grandmaster and Dark Lord Drink Tea - Rogue Lecchamemnon infiltrates Geist's base

The Call of the Dark Side - Lecchamemnon confronts Oseth regarding Andreus/alchemy

All Titans Fall - Injured Delun crashes near Jedi temple; medical care provided; Delun suffers amnesia

Battle of Zigoola - Geist's base assaulted; Sisk vs. Rookwrr; captured Sionann & Larik freed by Lutomi

Who'll Have Mercy On Your Soul - Sisk, Geist, and Zabic fight rogue zealot; incomplete

Battle of the Reckoning - Rebellion breaks Sisk out of prison

The Other Side - Andraste & Jedi mountain-climb; social

Lucid Insanity - Andraste meets Vereor for first time

A Riddle in Time - Jhon meets Andraste for first time

In Dark Places

The Desert Test

For Whom the Bells Toll

In Silent Lullaby I Mourn

The Treaty of Bastion - Judicar makes alliance with Chiss

A Shift In The Force: For The Title of Dark Lord - Exodeus fights Judicar at long last

Cry "Havoc" and Let Slip the Dogs of War - Vereor voices desire for more aggressive tactics to Judicar

Ila Baranova vs. Darth Damara

Aÿisha Remy
Apollo Ordo
Apollo Ratler; Ratler
Bellatrix La Rouge
Beric Kanasur
Corden Vencu
Daisuke Fuyu; Dai
Darth Judicar
Darth Exodeus
Darth Vereor
Della Frey
Ebberla Daw
Fyston Sutsgy
Geist Weiss
Iona Peller
Jhon Cordatus
Lain Derisma
Lamia Kressh
Makkun Telkanin
Matsu Ike
Nathaneau Bastele
Predor Logath
Roxton Dagger
Royston Spektor
Sigur Vainkainen
Sogar Derisma
Tach Enarai
Valafar Lamartine
Varek Rayth
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I've decided to officially turn this into a Chronicles Storyline, set in the past (pre-Prequels), abiding by the site's lore and NuCanon's lore (as opposed to Fifth Timeline originally taking place in Legends lore and taking place 1000 years after Battle of Yavin); for example, to try to keep with the Canon view of Rule of Two, I've made it where most of the cannonfodder Sith are Artififcial Sith plus the Rule refers primarily to the Leaders of the Sith. For example, rather than a larger empire, I decided to condense the Sith holdings into a smaller swath of area, because honestly I grow tired of the Sith taking over half the galaxy every war, so while it will have grave impacts on the galaxy during its conflict, it won't be galaxy-spanning, per se. I've renamed the Imperium to the Sith Kingdom because it tickles my fancy. This has happened a few other places too, such as naming some ships in honor of some of the writers in Fifth Timeline, such as Darth Exodeus' flagship being the Demiurge and Della's group of friends flying in the light freighter Prancing Yawn.

To give a little context to the storyline, the Sith Kingdom founded by the late Darth Aevum is situated right next to the Corporate Sector. For a few decades now, the Kingdom has been non-hostile, expanding its territory slowly (into non-Republic Space). They have largely been leaving the Jedi alone, due to the directive of its king, Darth Judicar, who basically views Force users as a higher life form destined to rule non-Force users and sees Jedi as simply misguided. His apprentice, Darth Exodeus (the primary antagonist), however, has grander plans. The Jedi have, through pressure by the Republic, left the Kingdom alone, because the Republic doesn't want to be drawn into another war.

Currently in process of revamping my notes, and condensing the cast (in other words, merging a few characters to trim down the large amount so easier to follow, especially since some characters can fill in for other characters); granted, the story still has an ensemble cast. Right now my Dramatis Personae (I've noted who the original creators of some of these characters are in brackets) is looking as follows:

  • Della (TweedPawn): One of the primary POV characters; a Sith test subject freed and recruited by the Jedi; pacifist
  • Ebberla "Ebb" Daw (Gaba): One of the primary POV characters; Jedi knight, who will be active in the conflict against the Kingdom
  • Dai (Jiang): Jedi Councilor or Master; supports Predor's movement though initially not involved
    • Originally named Daisuke, but wanted to make closer to a Star Wars name
  • Jhon Cordatus (Bac): Jedi Councilor who once trained Andraste and seeks her redemption; neutral towards Kingdom but anti-Exodeus (who recruited Andraste to Sith)
  • Kara Vaalki (Boli): Jedi Master who lost seat on Council years ago after her affair with a Serenno noble was exposed; serves as Jedi ambassador on Coruscant
  • Lain Derisma (Black Noise): Jedi Padawan; friend of Della
  • Leafskipper (Prancing Yawn): Jedi Councilor who trains Della
  • Lecchamemnon (Denzein): Jedi Grandmaster (against war with Kingdom initially)
  • Predor Logath (Phil): A Jedi who is rallying a coterie of Jedi to resist the Kingdom in secret (Ebb among them)
  • Ruj (Dmitri): Temple Guard; friend of Ebb
    • Originally named Bellatrix La Rouge, but wanted to make closer to a Star Wars name
  • Skhai (Empress): Jedi Master; Jhon's friend

Sith Kingdom:
  • Andraste (Sreeya): One of the primary POV characters; Jedi-turned-Sith; Darth Exodeus' apprentice; strong telepath found by Jhon Cordatus & later tempted to Dark Side by Exodeus
  • Darth Exodeus (Demiurge): Primary Antagonist; Darth Judicar's apprentice; suspected of being an Artificial Sith of immense power; has unhealthy interest with Andraste
  • Darth Aevum (SWRP Lore): The deceased Kingdom founder; Judicar's old master
  • Bhalr (Boli): Artificial Sith with a known hatred for Jedi
  • Doctor Geiss (Dmitri): Force sensitive mad scientist responsible for the creation of the Artificial Sith
    • Originally named Geist Weiss but renamed to have a more Star Wars name
  • Darth Judicar (Malon): Longtime king of Sith Kingdom; Force religious zealot, viewing non-Force users as inferior (suspected to be mind-controlling Corporate Sector leaders in order to secure resources)
  • Oonoo (Zach): Celegian admiral; originally from Corporate Sector but converted to Kingdom's religious zealotry
    • Merged all the Imperium admirals (Konstantine, Lucifel, etc. into Oonoo; used this one over the others as I felt a brain-in-a-jar was a more distinguishable character from the others)
  • Prince Oseth (DarkCloud): Judicar's son who serves as ambassador to the Republic; weak in the Force, thus losing title of heir apparent to the Sith; potential love interest for Andraste
    • Merging of a couple Sith, including Silas (an actual love interest for Andraste); was unrelated to Judicar in original timeline
  • Raide Skarda (Kiro): Sith diplomat serving adjutant to Oseth; Artificial Sith
    • Originally named Raide Vakri but was gaining, at the time I made the change, a lot of characters with Va+k so I used her Darth name as surname to help distinguish her from other characters
  • Remy (Rev): Spy for Kingdom; oversaw an orphanage kidnapping children to be test subjects for Artificial Sith projects
  • Rookwrr (Clayton): Wookie Artificial Sith
  • Judge Vereor (Rom): Warrior and general serving Judicar and viewed as Exodeus' "pet assassin"

  • Nathanaeu Bastele (Bac): One of the primary POV characters; Supreme Chancellor, having recently won elections against Valafar Lamartine
  • Guhoo (Gaja): Republic general
    • No longer a Jedi Battlemaster but Republic didn't have really any notable generals so I repurposed him
  • Liile Glegor (TAC): Khil Senator of Belnar
  • Valafar Lamartine (Lilith): Former Supreme Chancellor, who was largely responsible for continuing Republic's non-aggression stance towards Kingdom

  • Corden Vencu (Vencu): Mandalorian who is against the Kingdom; successor to Sisk's movement
    • Different from Fifth Timeline, where Corden was pro-Imperium
  • Death Toll (DeathToll): mercenary fighting in Prologue battle
    • Debating whether to make Mando or replace with Mando
  • Delun (Jiang): Pro-Republic mercenary, working with Vhalanestilliegan; later friend/ally of Ebb
  • Sisk Renelo (Sisk): Mandalorian leading movement of Mandalorians seeking to go against Mand'alor's decree for neutrality in the conflict; wants vengeance for death of wife
    • Originally in Part 2 of timeline which I'm not covering, but I enjoyed Battle of Zigoola a lot so I decided to transfer him over
  • Vhalanestilliegan Crewellunstestry (Dmitri): Pro-Republic mercenary, working with Delun
    • Originally a Sith pilot; switched sides since in original timeline the Sith struck against a Jedi flagship but in this it'll be an anti-Kingdom group of starfighters striking against a Kingdom flagship (thinking Exodeus is aboard)

Will probably post my rough timeline for the Storyline later this weekend, which is heavily subject to change.
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Finally posting this up, the rough draft for the overall plot (info subject to change). I've organized arcs into what I've been referring into my notes as "clusters" because they aren't always arcs per se, but they are threads that will follow one another, and clusters due flow one after another but there are some quasi-clusters that could occur between where they are in the notes or could take place earlier. There's some "titles", but most are just placeholders and very likely to change.

  • Cluster 1
    • Battle of ______: Random battle serving as prologue (planet not part of Republic)
      • Led by Exodeus, introducing our Big Bad
    • Exploring Ruins 1: Andraste and Exodeus explore ruins, likely on invaded planet
    • Plague of Dis
      • Humanitarian aid by Jedi for evacuation efforts on a world whose moon is about to crash into it
      • Jhon's team escapes planet by captured by SD Aevumguard (Exodeus' flagship)
      • Jhon defeats Sith presence in hangar
      • Andraste arrives in hangar; Jhon wants to stay, to talk with Andraste, but persuaded by Jedi ally to escape
      • Andraste returns to bridge, where Exodeus taunts Andraste for letting her old master escape
      • Exodeus throws moon into the planet, causing a Wound in the Force
    • Response to Invasion: Ambassador Oseth meets with Senate, denoting legality of "annexation" of the new planet; Andraste had accompanied Oseth to Coruscant
    • Secret Rendezvous: Secret meeting between Jhon and Andraste, where Jhon fails to persuade Andraste to return to Jedi

  • Cluster 2
    • Lack of Faith: Predor's coterie discuss Jedi Council's hesitance to intervene in Sith Space, determining to oust Grandmaster Lecchamemnon
      • Coterie includes, named characters, Predor, Ebb, and Ruj
    • The Jedi Council: Predor's coterie confronts council; GM Lecchamemnon denies vote; Jhon mentally disapproves of Lecchamemnon's rejection whereas Dai silently supports Predor's group
    • Meeting Allies: Dai secretly connects Predor's coterie to a group of resistance fighters and Mandalorians
    • Fall of Aevumguard: Predor's coterie and allies in starfighters destroy SD Aevumguard, thinking Exodeus was on it
    • War Room: Judicar, Oseth, and Geiss discuss Aevumguard (and possible Republic involvement) and Exodeus' rise in power (citing Dis)
      • Judicar ponders replacing Exodeus
    • Confronting Dai: Lecchamemnon and/or Jhon confront Dai, noting they suspect he knows something regarding Aevumguard

  • Cluster 3
    • Mission to Zebitrope IV
      • Leafskipper or Skhai leading visit to orphanage to seek out any FS children
        • Coterie member (Predor or Ebb) involved
          • Possible reassignment as punishment for suspected involvement in Aevumguard destruction
      • During trip, it's discovered that orphanage is being used to kidnap orphans to be used in Sith experiments; Sith operation stopped
      • Coterie member discovers, in data, location of Geiss' lab, where the children are being sent - Zigoola
    • Battle of Zigoola
      • Predor's coterie, along with resistance fighters plus Sisk & Corden, assault Geiss' fortress
      • Illusions pull in some of their memories
      • Sisk killed by ally, thinking they're an enemy (due to Geiss manipulating illusions)
      • Della rescued by Ebb
    • Della In A Strange World: Della awakens, confused; Council detemines Della's fate
    • Della's Training: Leakskipper trains Della; Della makes new friend
    • Della's First Mission: Della sent with friends on easy mission

  • Before Cluster 4
    • Battle of ____: Random battle, expanding Kingdom Space
    • Regicide: Judicar and Exodeus (with Andraste) discuss recent battle; Exodeus urges fight with Jedi, which Judicar refuses; Exodeus kills Judicar with Andraste's help (her telepathy freeing him from Judicar's mind control)
    • The New King: Exodeus consolidates power, quickly gaining ally in Vereor, whom Exodeus names Darth (to Andraste's dismay); Oseth flees to Geiss, seeking sanctuary

  • Cluster 4
    • Battle of Tanaab: Predor's coterie aid resistance movement on Kingdom-invading planet; Predor killed and Ebb captured
    • Prisoner of the Sith: Ebb interrogated and Force suppressed
    • Battle of ____: During battle, Ebb forced to watch, in order to weaken Ebb's mental defenses, allowing Andraste to read Ebb's mind for location of resistance base
    • Bombing of Muunilinst: World where resistance fighters hiding is bombed
    • Andraste & Ebb: Andraste taunts Ebb for her powerless before letting Ebb go free, giving Ebb Predor's lightsaber
    • Della & Geiss: Della encounters Geiss-in-disguise (though she manages to identify him), making her afraid he'll recapture her; Geiss chased off, during which Ebb is found
    • Facing Judgment
      • Ebb, Leafskipper, and Della land on Atch-Cho (the island seen in TLJ)
      • Leafskipper takes Ebb to Temple Island (in same archipelago as TLJ island) where Ebb meets with Council
        • Lecchamemnon, Dai, and Jhon offworld
        • Ebb told her Force connection will return in time, though she remains hopeless about her powerlessness when in the hands of the Jedi
        • Ebb gives Predor's lightsaber to Leafskipper before leaving Temple Island, set to return to Della
      • Predor's Lightsaber (which had secretly been converted into plasma bomb) detonates, destroying Temple Island, killing most of Jedi Council (including Leafskipper)
    • After the Wave: Due to Temple Island's detonation, tsunami hits TLJ Island; Della and Ebb help survivors; Ebb rekindles connection to Force to try to find survivors; Jhon later arrives to Atch-Cho, barring Ebb from seeking revenge

  • Before Cluster 5 or Cluster 5 Floater (potentially moved to Jhon-Andraste Coruscant rendezvous thread)
    • The Silence of Benetage: Flashback showing when Jhon meets a young telepathic Andraste for first time

  • Cluster 5
    • Geist & Andraste: Flashback showing Geiss giving Andraste prenatal checkup, confirming Exodeus is father; Andraste fears what Exodeus may do with the child
    • Call For Help: Message relayed to Jhon by Andraste requesting meeting; Jhon requests Dai to try to delay/distract/preoccupy Exodeus
    • Battle of ____: Battle led by Dai, though Exodeus never shows (instead Vereor leads Sith)
    • Mission to Lehon
      • Andraste and Jhon meet, and Andraste gives her child to Jhon, requesting her hide the child from the Jedi and Sith
      • Exodeus arrives, revealing he learned of rendezvous from Geiss (who had helped deliver baby)
      • Jhon & Exodeus fight, with Jhon faking death (though unintentionally negatively impacting Andraste)
    • Sith Wedding: Exodeus and Andraste wed
    • The Child: Jhon calls Kara and Skhai to hideout, where he reveals existence of Andraste's child; Skhai persuades Jhon to squirrel child at newly created orphange on Zebitrope IV (replacing Sith's fake one); Kara tells Jhon he shouldn't hold out for Andraste's redemption, citing recent wedding plus how Andraste left the Jedi with Exodeus willingly
    • Defection of Andraste: Flashback
      • Andraste struggles with telepathy, especially once she visits Coruscant, hearing the thoughts of those around her
      • Exodeus encounters Andraste, whose telepathy/connection to the Force unconsciously calls to him; he ties her to him, silencing the extra voices she cannot keep out
        • Exodeus' thoughts, to her, feel muted

  • Before/During Cluster 6
    • Battle of ____: Jedi encounter more Artificial Sith, motivating operation to hunt Geiss; corrupted data found referencing something called "Parade"
    • Hunt for Doctor Geiss: Jedi hunt for Geiss
    • Life of Doctor Geiss: Flashback of Geiss' past
    • Three Sheets to the Wind: As operation called off, Ebb runs into Geiss at bar, where they talk before Geiss escapes
      • Geiss inquires about Della, showing interest in his old test subject

  • Cluster 6
    • Battle of Jedi Enclave: Jedi enclave attacked by Jedi
      • Part 1: Jhon fights Bhalr, learning he's Kara's old lover-turned-Artificial Sith
      • Part 2: Ebb stops Sith abomination from trying to kidnap Della
    • Battle of ____: Random battle where it's noted that no high-ranking military or Sith individual present, leading to suspicion of large-scale attack
    • Battle of Sith Shipyards: Ebb's allies attack Kingdom shipyard; in aftermath, schematics for a ginormous fuel freighter called Psychopomp found
    • The Senate:
      • Senator Lamartine's bill to add security to hyperspace navigation network passes
      • Jhon & Bastele debate pros and cons of Republic joining war with Kingdom
    • Chockhold: "Senator Lamartine" infiltrates hyperspace navigation network relay hub on Coruscant, and infects network with virus; Lamartine revealed to have been replaced by Geiss
    • Thy Kingdom Come: Andraste slays Exodeus and her sanity begins to slip; Andraste becomes Queen

  • Cluster 8 (Battle of Coruscant)
    • The Sith Parade: Sith armada arrive in Coruscant space moments before hyperspace navigation network goes down (hindering hyperspeed travel), isolating Coruscant from otherworld reinforcements; Psychopomp noted to have fueled fleet for entire fleet, allowing them to not have to stop at any planets, circumventing border sensors; Andraste commands fleet from SSD Demiurge
    • Battle Above Coruscant: Naval combat
    • Coruscant Defense Forces HQ: Republic General Guhoo fights off Sith assault, attempting to organize defense forces
    • Hyperspace Relay Station: Republic attempts to reclaim hub in order to restore hyperspace navigation network
    • Jedi Embassy: Jedi embassy attacked, defenses led by Skhai; Della's friends cannot locate Della
    • Senate Hall: Disguised Geiss sabotages Senate defenses, allowing Vereor's troops to attack; Bastele leads counterattack, injured in process; Geiss injured
    • Grandmaster & Apprentice: Lecchamemnon and Vereor duel; Lecchamemnon fatally wounded, with Ebb fighting Vereor and causing him to flee
    • Sanctity of Life: Della finds an injured Geiss; Della spares Geiss' life, saying all life are sacred; Geiss gives Della warning to leave the planet immediately, hinting at great destruction to come; as Geiss leaves, Bastele sends planetwide message of unity
    • Sith Shrine: Kara leads attack on Sith embassy, discovering hidden Sith shrine inside; Kara fights Bhalr; after being forced to kill Bhalr, Kara is instantly killed when the shrine is irradiated with sudden energy from the Force
    • Demiurge
      • Two Sith shuttles take off from Coruscant, one with a hidden Jhon to Demiurge whereas the other carries Geiss & injured Vereor to another SD
      • Jhon infiltrates Demiurge, making his way to throne room where Andraste watches battle;
      • Jhon pleads for Andraste to return to the Light side; Andraste shows her slipping insanity, how
      • Andraste kills Jhon
    • Deicide
      • Andraste unleashes powerful dark energies onto Coruscant, using the Sith shrine as a catalyst, attempting to cause a Wound in the Force and kill the entire population
        • This is how Kara is killed
      • Force ghost Jhon, present in the Force, sees the spirit of Exodeus semi-possessing Andraste (having taunted Andraste into killing him so he could become one with the Force and corrupt it, and possess Andraste in order to use her as his instrument)
        • Jhon fights Exodeus through the Force, though failing to stop Exodeus
      • Elsewhere, Geiss approaches cloned body of Exodeus, Exodeus' plan for resurrection following Coruscant; remembering Della's words and deciding to make up for her mercy, he destroys the clone body, severing Exodeus' anchor to the living world
      • In Andraste's mind, Exodeus's hold is weakened, allowing Andraste's mind to be partially freed; Andrate and ghost Jhon exorcise Exodeus, vanquishing him forever
      • Andraste, now free, pulls the dark energies back to her to stop the Devastation of Coruscant, resulting in the destruction of Demiurge and her death
      • Vereor orders retreat from Coruscant
    • Epilogue
      • Ebb made member of Council, coronation taking place on new Jedi temple being built over the Sith shrine (with goal of the Jedi's presence healing the Wound inflicted on the Sith shrine)
      • Della leaves the Jedi order
      • Jhon looks upon orphanage where Lana is being raised, and decides to leave her there, believing the best way to honor Andraste is to let the child be raised away from Jedi and Sith